OML Presale Woes - Let's Make Some Noise, Shall We?


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Let them hear us. Linkin Park fans had their hearts broken and their hard-earned money stolen today. This is the community that can be the voice that inspires change and rights the wrongs. Don’t stay silent. Speak out.


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I am in no way defending TM or Strobe, I hate TM with a passion, but this was almost to be expected. Presales are never perfect and if you weren’t for certain you wouldn’t make the Top 5, it wasn’t worth doing all the extras to get a better spot. I’m sorry you feel cheated and hope you don’t hate LP for this cause I’m sure their involvement was minimal. Feel free to continue to voice your opinions though, that way we as a community know not to make the same mistakes next time.


They should’ve just had LPU do a totally different presale than this whole joke. Maybe keep the general public presale separate from the LPU presale… seeing as how we’re supposed to be priority no matter what but in this situation that wasn’t the case