OML Special/ Deluxe Edition?


Does anyone know if L.P. will release a special/Deluxe edition of One More Light? Like with bonus/b-side tracks or a making of DVD? Anything extra? I know they’ve released some clips of the making of the album, but it’s hard to believe that they took so long to make record with only 10 songs and didn’t create an alternate version with anything extra! Does anyone know or have heard anything about a special release??


I think we need more time to wait. I’m sure they’ll release some bonus tracks , but that usually takes a few month (demos — a few years)


It’s definitely too early for anything, but if we don’t get demos or b-sides in some kind of a One More Light reissue, then we’ll more than likely get them with the next LPU CD or something.


After Cookies 2 obviously.

But I’ll put money on an LPU CD getting them first before anything else…as far as official. Whether that be a monthly release like they’ve done or annual CD.