OML Verified Fan Presale Concerns


TL;DR: The Verified Fan Presale contest may be guilty of a bait-and-switch, advertising false advantages to participating in the contest when in fact all LPU members will get access to presale tickets at the same, and earliest time, of anyone who participated in the presale contest, rending the participating of any LPU member in the contest - barring the top 5 prizes - as completely pointless.

Hey everyone. I, like I’m sure many of you, just finished competing in this contest for priority ticket presale access and prizes for the OML tour, presale for which begins tomorrow morning. I’d like to share a few observations and concerns I’ve had about the contest and hope to learn something from the input of others on this matter.

I’m an LPU member. I participated in the contest hoping to win access to Group 1 presale, as well as potentially signed merch from and a meet & greet with the band. I read in the FAQ under the “I’m an LPU member do I get priority?” question that being an LPU member still affords you some “priority” in the presale queue. I saw on during the duration of this contest, however, that there was a very clear breakdown between Verified Fan/Group 1 presale access, listed to begin at 9 AM PDT, and LPU/Fan Club access, to begin at 10 AM PDT. It is this one-hour advantage that led me to compete in the contest. The “See Your Spot in Line” presale page showed that Group 1 would receive presale access at 9 AM PDT throughout the entirety of the contest.

However, since the contest has ended, things have changed. The day after the contest ended, the “Spot in Line” page changed from displaying 9 AM PDT for Group 1 to 10 AM PDT. Additionally, changed from showing several different presale types and time breakdowns to showing only “Verified Fan Presale Access” (No mention of LPU) to begin at 10 AM PDT. This begs the question: do all LPU members, even those who did not go through the trouble of participating in the contest, get access to presale tickets at the same time as anyone, LPU or not, who worked hard to earn a spot in Group 1 of the Verified Fan Presale?

I’ve reached out to both Strobe Labs and Ticketmaster and have yet to receive a clear answer.

Based on the original presale time breakdown I referenced, this certainly was not advertised to be the case. If this were the case, I’m not sure what reason any LPU member would have for participating in the contest unless they were trying strictly to get into the top 5 in their city. With so few additionally rewarded, it would seem there’d be almost no point.

Has anyone else who has been participating in this contest picked up on any of this? Is there anything I’m missing? Sitting here at 7 PM PDT the night before the presale still with no code and faced with the prospect of working as hard as I did only to be competing with every single LPU member for tickets is an extremely frustrating potential reality to embrace.

Additionally, as an aside, for my city and tour location (LA, Hollywood Bowl), the entire venue is seats only - no pit. Other shows have reserved the entire front section of the venue (called the Pool Circle) for VIP tickets - these generally come with a meet & greet. I earned the #1 spot in LA through this contest, so I won a meet & greet with the band for this show. But I was also competing for priority ticket access and naturally want the best seat I can get. Will I now have to pay VIP prices and purchase a SECOND meet & greet to the same show? There’s no information anywhere.

I feel very slighted by this entire contest. I worked hard to earn the #1 spot in my city. I look forward to my signed merch and meet & greet, and I hope very much to secure great seats for the show during the presale tomorrow. But if I could have accomplished virtually all of this (minus the signed merch but including the meet & greet, through LPU) without working hard to get others to sign up for the presale and buy the album, I wouldn’t have gone through the trouble. Have I been dooped?


This whole contest was a joke, I already posted my dramatic story on the other posts, but this is now beyond the ridiculous, is a disrespect with the fans and rules are being change every second. I am completely disappointed because I worked very hard to have my friends sign up for this, ended in 2nd place on Saturday and they just tell me now that most of my referrals were invalid/fake, sure , cause I have time to create 171 fake Facebook accounts. I’m so pissed!!


I read your story. Really sorry that happened. I honestly don’t mean to sound any alarms here, but I’ve been paying attention - this smells like a class-action lawsuit in the making. Lots of people spent lots of time, and perhaps even lots of money, churning up interest in the tour and the album - much of which manifested itself as a financial investment - and it seems to have become a complete mess and left a lot of people who worked hard and played by the rules shaking their heads in confusion and disappointment. I hope they clear everything up, and soon.


Honestly I agree. I get that they had to go through and check, there were some who commented early on that previous times people had paid to have fake emails etc set up to boost their scores. That in no way validates them taking people’s spots like they did with you @gcsorich. Others had their references shot down too but they didn’t move as dramatically as in your case. I hope to hear they remedy your case after hearing from you. People on here will shoot out an email on your behalf if you ask for it, whether it was a competition or not this community is pretty supportive of ideas etc
Hang tight


Yep. I spent all day trying to get as many emails from my friends and I sent to them, so far got no response, but I advised them I will go after my legal rights. This is ridiculous, I understand people use software programs to make fake emails and stuff, but in this case these people all logged in with their Facebook accounts! And the rule only said “each friend who registers through your personal link will give you an additional boost” it does not mention they need to also be on the line and sharing their codes so you can get the boost. This is very exhausting, looks like whoever won is because they bought hundreds of Cd’s, so they should have made it clear that in the contest, wins the person who buys more stuff.


Unless I misunderstood you or the site, the “priority” was that being an LPU member boosted your number slightly, similar to how buying a more expensive bundle for the album boosted your number more than the lesser bundles


This interpretation was some version of what I expected by that blurb, and that thought was further solidified by the difference in times that LPU members and Verified Fan/Group 1 participants were, according to, going to receive access to presale. Then they changed the rules…


And please if you can shoot them an email on my behalf I ill really appreciate!


I got the email with final spot, they just ignored all my previous emails


I just emailed them
Ill let you know if they respond.


I have been a LPU Member (Legacy) for years and have supported the band since the beginning. I have paid my annual dues and feel that I have been screwed by this contest. Just send me my Pre-Sale Code and let me log onto Ticketmaster at the designated time for LPU Members so I can get my tickets. If the band wants to ensure their fans get the tickets do like Iron Maiden, RUSH, U2 and other bands have done and link the ticket to a credit card for access to the show. All this signing up for 3rd party sites is just BS ! I myself read that us LPU Members have priority and really didn’t have to worry and that we would get a chance to get our tickets when they first go on sale. I was just informed that I am in Group 2, thanks a lot ! Hopefully I can log in at the first sale time but if I cannot well my days with this is over.


Regarding the LPU members first thing, not to be taken as 100% fact, but what I think is happening:


I seriously think they should have separated each category and tell us how many “points” you get. Like referrals who just registered but didn’t go through registering for ticketmaster gets lower points, then people who registered both gives you more points. This way people could still get points for both type of referrals. Right now it just seems like who ever bought the most, gets higher ranking.


OP, I don’t understand, I’m looking at ticketmaster right now:

Linkin Park Verified Fan Presale
Start: Tue 05/09/17 10:00 am PDT
End: Thu 05/11/17 10:00 pm PDT

Linkin Park VIP Presale
Start: Wed 05/10/17 10:00 am PDT
End: Thu 05/11/17 10:00 pm PDT

Linkin Park Verified Fan VIP Presale
Start: Tue 05/09/17 10:00 am PDT
End: Wed 05/10/17 09:59 am PDT

Assuming VIP is LPU, verified fans ARE getting priority. A whole day.


That isn’t what the website originally showed, silverlighted. When the contest began, and until it ended, that same page showed a very different breakdown, with Group 1 presale beginning at 9 AM and LPU presale beginning at 10 AM. They changed it after the contest ended.

VIP is more likely VIP ticket packages. These Verified Fan presales include them often. A similar contest was just run for Depeche Mode, and those shows included VIP ticket packages which had their own category and on-sale times.


I know you were talking about the 9am switcheroo, but if VIP were LPU, then your concerns about your losing your advantage doesn’t make sense.

BUT, as your example indicates, if VIP is…VIP, lol, then yeah, I see your concern. This whole thing actually got me massively confused (hell, I didn’t even realize we were meant to “preregister” until like days after we got that email XP).

So I guess the question is, well you’ve asked it already

Is there anything that indicates if being LPU does anything at all? (other than boost your verified fan status of course).
Cause we all got special links, and we’re gonna get codes to buy the tickets tomorrow/this morning. I would assume if you hadn’t preregistered, you can’t get into the system. I hope anyways. 0.0 Anywho, good luck, we got like less than 8 hours until we see what happens.


Yes, I have experienced same issues. My spot changed after 5:00 PMT. I was #5 in Charlotte, NC at 5:00 PMT and after rechecking again at 8:00 PMT I slipped to #6 and then placed in #4. I emailed Strobe Labs late yesterday about not receiving code. I was told “hold tight we are very busy and will send out later today”. I received the same email from Saturday last night at 9:23 PMT. Finally 51 minutes ago I received a link with code. However, it says tickets can be purchased at 1:00 pm, this is same time as everyone else with a presale code from LPU. I wasted my time, energy, and money to have an hour advantage over regular presale. I am disappointed and will not participate in Strobe Labs or #verified Ticketmaster contests. I was better served by LPU membership. LPU members should be warned against these contests with Strobe Labs and Ticketmaster.
I’m sorry to say we have been dooped.


It appears my fears have been realized:

In the case of my venue, with no pit, I would have to buy a front-row VIP ticket package to get the best seat in the house, rendering all the effort I just put into that contest as completely useless.

I’m devastated.


I’m very sorry! I think most fans are feeling same way and are in same boats. Good luck!


Not to add fuel to the fire, and I know not everyone uses twitter but: