On my knees - looking for Summit Pass CT


I recently found out about the Linkin Park Summit and have been having technical difficulties with my Credit Card and even accessing the site. I have finally got a membership after so much running around and getting into trouble in the process. I see Summit Passes are showing not available and I feel like crying now.

I have loved Linkin Park since I first heard Crawling and bought all their albums except for the last two. Myself and my friends were probably the first hardcore LP fans in SA back in 2001 and we were the crazy guys who had LP kareoke evenings and used to drive around with this new bands music pumping.

As I got older I had less time to be involved in fan clubs so sorry for not joing LPU sooner.

If there is any way to get a pass please I’m on my knees.

With tears in my eyes - Peter


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news mate… but summit passes were put DIRECTLY on to the LPU members accounts, and they are required to produce ID upon arrival. You cannot BUY or go in anyones place


Thanks :frowning: pity to hear that.

Were there any special requirements to get a pass? Had I known I would have properly joined way back.

There’s still hope though that something could come up!


You cant “buy” people are randomly chosen when they sign up for the country’s summit, isn’t it? All LPU 11 Plus members have auto summit passes, $25 members have to buy. Which category are u?

Anyway, first come first serve basis to buy…