Once Upon A Story [4.5]


It’s been a year since I’ve been here what I missed lost in the echo.


Hey Orlando, :grinning: welcome back! Hope you’re ok?


Doing better thank you friend.


Good to hear that! I think you have a lot unread posts inhere- but if you like to laugh a bit, I suggest this thread here- works always for me :joy:


Matthew 7:7 knock ask and it shall be given is this a good knock knock joke


By the way funny joke


What about do that what you would like for your neighbor to do for you lol I’ll scratch your back and you do mine Lol


:joy::joy: sounds like a perfect deal - I need to go now- stay strong soldier :metal:t2:


You stay strong and hold on to that smile and laugh, joke around live life like your 18 again.


love this picture


Hey Mike you have some ice cream on your cheek let me lick it off lol