Once Upon A Tale


Well… It has been a while since the last few story threads. Feel free to check out the last few threads for the previous Once Upon A Time stories. Felt like starting a new fresh thread.

Here’s the basics to writing a story together

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  • Let’s keep everything as fictional as possible.
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Ok. Let’s try this one more time then.


In a far away land


Winter had taken over.


Coating the land in a veil of glistening snow


…the air spreaded so clear, it was nearly down 10°…

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A man stood on top of a hill, gazing down at this winter wonder land. In an attempt to save this awesome moment forever and ever, he drew his iphone out and snapped a selfie.

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Standing there, looking at the recently taken selfie, he realised that there is nothing that can capture the beauty of the majestic mountains, the way his breath touches the cold air, the way his eyes capture the beauty around him, shifting his lips into a smile…

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Then suddenly the echoes of a ghastly voice sounded.

“Mike… Mike!!” it said.

It made his hair stand on end as chills ran down his spine. With his heart raging in his throat, he looked around the winter wonder land to find where the voice came from. But all he saw was…

An ugly snowman…

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But the fear faded as soon as Mike heard snowman’s plea for help.
“Help Mike. The sun is up and is shining bright.
I will melt, and vanish if you don’t do something right.
Be quick, put me out of this misery.
Think something, hurry, hurry, HURRY!!!”

[OT: The snowman can speak only in rhymes.
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“Hey man”, Mike speaks to himself, totally confused, trying to focus himself,

He looked another time at the rappin´snow´man in his melting desaster, “You spoke to me man, or do I hear voices?”


Mike bent down and picked up a card in the snow:

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“Please Mike, no time to waste
I really don’t want to die today!”

Sounded the plea of the snowman in rhyme.

Mike tried to think of a solution. How was he going to help the snowman from melting to death? All Mike had with him was his backpack, his snowboard and his phone.

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There he saw a cover, he clamp the cover as a sun shield at first, the snowman was only melting on, rhyming “fresh snow man, if you can, man, give fresh snow man if you can, man”, and so mike began to buildt up the melting parts as fast as he could with fresh, hard snow, the stability of the snow man becommes stronger…
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"Argghhh, there’s no more snow!"

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“No wait, hold on!” Mike yelped as he tried to shove what was left of the snowman in his backpack and tried to rush to the nearest house in the hopes to find a refrigerator.

When he reached the house, he knocked desperatly on the door. The door swung open and…


Chester was like, “Haha u like that?” and gave Mike this Xmas postcard:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


“CHESTER, HELP! THERE’S A MELTING SNOWMAN IN MY BACKPACK!” Mike yelped as he rushed inside and ran into the kitchen.

“Mike… Did you try snorting the snow again? Did you freeze your brain?” Chester asked, scratching his head.


Mike was surprised


when he placed the backpack on the kitchen counter to unzip it, only to find that there was no melting snowman inside. He felt like such an idiot.



But he wondered what happened?