Once upon another time


Let’s play/write another story together! We’ve just rounded up the first Once upon a time game a few days ago. But by popular demand, here is a fresh and new thread for another story!

[Feel free to read the last wonderful story here: Once upon a time]

I don’t intend to break any forum rules, but really hope it’s ok if we can start the new story with a fresh new thread. Anyone is allowed to participate.

The rules of the game are simple: We are writing a story together.

1 Everyone replies with atleast one word up to 1 or 2 sentences to add to the story.

2 You may also use pictures, meme’s, GIF’s or other fun perks that can be found to give the story some extra spice.

3 For the flow of the story, plz out of topic stuff between ( ) or [ ]. This to avoid confusion for the other participants.

4 ANYONE may join in at any given time. Even if the story is passed 80 posts.

OK. Let us begin :slight_smile:

Once upon a time
Once upon a time
I was in trouble Sorry
Can you touch your shoulders?
Once upon a time

the user of the computer looked very confused? What was that???


Strange things were happening.


it took a very loud crawling


A weird smell filled the air.


“It smells of fire!” - thought computer user. “Is something burning”? “Is the gas open or something?”…


A bit anxious, the computer user stepped away from the computer and walked over to the kitchen.


Upon entering the room he immediately noticed…


that there was an opened bottle of ketchup standing in the window.


“Ugh, not again, please not again” - thought the computer user, it didn’t happened since…




“Oh, no!” - mumbled computer user raising his palms to his face. - “Last time it was terrible. But I physically know that this time will be worse. Much worse”…


The ants got attracted to the ketchup… :scream:


One of the ants managed to find its way to the computer and started snacking on a micron chip.


The User was angry, and wanted to kill the ant, but then he realised


But bad luck strikes any day…


That’s when The User realised that “Windows” is better than any other platform and asked Cortana


And so Cortana searched every corner of the world wide web, to return with the following recipe:

Ants on a stick


The User looked up into the sky & saw the Middle East


“I’m home! What’s for dinner?” a voice asked, followed by the sound of the front door closing.
The user became even more anxious now, because the user lived alone.