One Day & Step At A Time ❤


So this weekend going on a date with a fellow Linkin Park fan and we’ve reminisced about the good times LP brought us (we went to two concerts together), talked about Chester and theorized about the possibilities of future LP. And this morning, I woke up for the first time since Chester died with this mindset: I have to accept it and move on.
Suicide is a delicate topic for me, I have been in that mindset before and it’s terrifying. I promised myself I would never get there again, and now Chester dying motivates me to fight and win the battle he didn’t. I know what it’s like to have a bad childhood or difficult life, and so I need to be strong because he would want me to. I sought out support and most of the time, I noticed people around me are there for me. Also, this guy I’m currently dating is bipolar and I need to be strong for him. Chester’s death has made me super sensitive to people’s mental health issues, including my past ones. We need to talk about mental health and save lives, because just like Chester, so many people who could’ve been saved die every day. So we must stay strong.
As for the future of the band, whatever they do will 100% honor Chester’s memory. Whatever they put out will be different, sure, but it will have artistic direction from Mike and be from the heart. So many things they could do to surprise us: memorial tour, unreleased material, new mash up album, cover album with guests (Kiiara, Pusha T, Jay-Z, Rakim, Steve Aoki, etc.) or new LPU 17. This band has always known how to reinvent itself, and even though this is a major hurdle, they will find a way. Whatever happens, Chester has left us with so much material, and it will live through the ages. LP forever.
Chester was the soul, but let’s not forget that mike was such a big influence on what we loved about LP. Lyrics, music, artwork, that was mostly Mike.

If STP can get past Scott Weiland, Blink 182 can live on after Tom DeLonge left, and A7x can continue without The Rev & Suicide Silence can get past Mitch Lucker, then LP can live on after Chester. It will never be the same again, but doesn’t mean they still can’t make good music that we all enjoy. There isn’t a bigger test to LP’s ability to grow than this. If they were to fold and say we’re done, they wouldn’t be LP. LP is a band that has always faced the challenges and kept going.

And you can bet your ass the second there’s a meet & greet opportunity, I will be there to tell those guys how much a feel for them, how much I love them, and that I will continue to support whatever they do until the end of time. If his kids can find happiness without him (which they will, in time), than you can, his kids will go on to live their lives. With their dad always in their mind. i’m pretty sure Mike, Rob, Brad, Dave and Hahn will surely be there for Chester’s kids and they will have many stories to tell them about Chester.

And we realized what LP with Chester will become: part of this zeitgeist of timeless music. Remember, at anytime you wanna listen to Chester, you can. Just go to Spotify, pop in a CD or reach for your MP3. He is literally with you everywhere you go. Like Talinda said, continue keeping his memory alive. Help others, continue being positive. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


You are awesome! Written from your heart beautifully! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :slightly_smiling_face::pray:t3:


Some of the most optimistic post I’ve read for a while. Beautiful thoughts!


Thank you. I’m very optimistic with the band. I’m sure whatever they do, that won’t stop my support for/to them.