One Month/A Varied Gaze


As you can see, today marks 1 month since we’ve lost our role model. I was looking at Talinda’s recent tweets…it seems like she is doing better, but I know she is still hurting. Everyone, we must keep her & the entire Bennington family & Linkin Park in our prayers & thoughts & let them know everyday that we are here for them through this difficult loss of someone very dear to them. Here are some pieces :black_heart::heart:

"Hey, I say to the Sun let’s go
One more river to have to flow
One more page to close in book
One more time try to see not look
Not so bad but not amazing
It’s going and we both so lazy
Me and my life to change a peace
Nothing from above or underneath
That’s what I see and I take
What I think can I will make
Some joy and pleasure, lettle sad
Can not complain, not good not bad
But when the night covers the light
Years before and will tonight
I will enter again my secret door
When I can see what it is “more"
Where I fly without feeling pain
Where I am not myself, not the same
Field of dreams, how did you become
The only real for me in time?
I see no longer the line between
What’s in this world and there within
Clear this day for me once again
I am addicted to the warm quiet rain
Bright but not so burning light
Of the Sun you bring to me to shine
To gentle touch on the green leaf
Can’t see better religion to believe
Than the peace of your strong embrace
Smile of the cloudy skies on my face
Melody of songs whispered in the forest
Power of the thunder ever so strongest
The lightning resurrecting day and night
My field of dreams is now my real life”

Sight of a bird flying into the sun
It was my soul traveling through the cosmos
A middle pillar rose before me
I stood in a state of timeless adoration
The Godhead gave me a key to unlock the inner realm
I struggled to use it
The world told me it was an illusion
And best to stay asleep
But the spark inside me woke
I soared by the moon
Took a look at the world that slumbered
The fire swelled and lit a flame in my mind
Then drew me up twisting stairs and through the gate of understanding
Past wisdom to the union that I had before time began…

Dreamed to find my salvation
In the world filled with devastation
Looked close and far away for years
Stepping over my greatest fears
Got tired of search but stated again
Years by years. All seemed to be in vain
Untill the day you knocked on my door
I met a friend and didn’t wait for more
With dim light of the morning Sun
I let you in and our story has begun
Like a room of hundred doors
I climbed up floor by floor
I entered your very soul and let you
See mine… the only, open, true
Not daring to hope to get the love
I got more and I could ever hope
I saw reflection of my real self
In you like in the mirror on the shelve
With that I am cmplete, I am living now
In another world which we somehow
Found the way to get in and stay
Forever one, evermore in your fairy tale