One more hole in my heart


I started listening to Linkin Park when junior high school. I couldn’t understand lyrics well at that time because I am Japanese, but I could feel energy from their songs and music videos. It was like Chester was expressing my feelings instead of me. Luckily I saw them live twice in Japan. These are the most precious memories in my life. I’ve lost my sister from an accident a few years ago. That made me depressed and negative. also I have been struggling against my own problem like mental health. I don’t know if I can get over it but I could find hope because of their music and Chester. When the earthquake hit Japan in 2011 the members of Linkin park including Chester came to Japan for kids who suffered from the disaster. They told me what human beings are. Also listening to One More light, I learned there were people who can care the others, it made me think I’m not alone because I care much about deaths to death. I guess Chester cared too much about things like I do, and I know it was because he was a kind man. Maybe people wonder if he needed to kill himself, but we have to try to understand what he was thinking and suffering from. I think it would make the world better and we can be more kind to people. Now I don’t know how to live cuz I lost one more hope. I’ve been feeling empty. I don’t feel like doing anything after he passed away. I can’t explain my feelings well. Sorry for my rambling writing. I just wanted someone to know my feelings.

RIP Chester, from Osaka


Thanks for share your thoughts with us.
Please, don’t feel alone because you aren’t.
Here, in this forum, you will find many reasons for live. There are a lot of people who are in the same thing that you.
If you need to talk I am here, maybe no all the day, but I’ll help you in all I can.


i hear you rip peace chester