One More Ligh[t] pre-order coming with LPU


Sorry if this was posted somewhere else but can`t seem to find the answer.

On the Linkin Park website it says people can Pre-Order the new album and the Pre-order comes with an LPU membership.

I am surely not the only once in this situation.

I just renewed my membership as the new LPU came out.

What will happen if I pre-order the new CD One More Light ?


Been wondering the same thing. I tweeted Lorenzo to ask about it.


The e-mail says, “If you have an existing and current LPU Membership, this will add 12 months to your account.” Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Yes, this is the problem.


trashii is correct.

Keep in mind when the new LPU comes out at the end of the year and you want the new items, you will get another year then and it will stack.


What a shame… apparently there won’t be a different pre-order.


So they’re forcing you to stick around :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah, it’s actually a pretty good deal, but with the extra year, I’ll have to pass on the next package and I don’t really want to.


I added the missing t to the threads title :joy:


We could always just get the merch separate, but if next year is like this year’s, the bigger package won’t be sold separately. I think if/when I pre-order, I might just give a friend the membership


How dare you correct my typo !!! :stuck_out_tongue: (thanks buddy)


But yeah. That’s kind of an issue. Because I like getting my normal LPU at the end of the year with the special package.

I liked pre ordering every studio album. The 200$ package is neat but with shipping and Canadian conversion it will cost me almost 300$.

The 60$ option isn’t better because I don’t need the LPU renewal and even this one with shipping and conversion will come around 100$ for a 13$ CD.


That’s exactly my problem :stuck_out_tongue: I always renew my membership the first day it’s out cause I like the packages. And with how things change every year I don’t really want to risk pre-ordering the cd and getting the extra year and then end up without an option to just buy the package without the membership.

Giving it away to a friend is a good idea, if it’s doable.


Man that’s crazy. Your just right above us, no sea/ocean to cross.