One More Light: A Short Story


I knew you were in poor health
I’ve seen you fall and get up many times
I thought that this time you would do too.
I didn’t ignore the signs, I just trusted more than I should.

The pain that the illness caused I couldn’t stop
I tried to make us forget it though the laughter
It did help you?
I want to believe that it was.

The brilliance of the things
we lived together
the world never saw them
because the darkness doesn’t cover me
when we all were together.

How many life’s didn’t you hit
with your personality!
There were moments we had all,
but we couldn’t hold on.

We still smiled in the middle of
the weeping and the desolation.
"There were just thing we couldn’t have, material things."
You used to say

The panorama painted a birth with a million stars.
It was the type of landscapes you liked.
The fireflies turned on their heart’s lights.
Everything was so beautiful… Just lacked one thing: One More Light.

We didn’t know how to carry it,
We’re quicker when we were little;
now we want to go faster
because we can’t live without you.
We don’t want to comprehend
we are just a moment;
another star in the infinite firmament.

Everybody around me pretended to be strong the day of your departure.
Some -with fake smiles- said
Who cares when someone’s time runs out?
Let it rest!
They did for their sake.
Their pain was too great to endure it.

Everyone have their ideas,
I wasn’t the exception,
but I cared your departure.
It hurt me.
It doesn’t matter how much I screamed,
You wouldn’t come back,
But I do.

The remainder are the way where you are
They pull the floor from your feet;
I asked them to did it.
I need to see you again for don’t feel me lonely.

In the kitchen there was a place,
one more chair that you needed.
I didn’t understand why you were so angry
until I put myself on your shoes.

Then I thought "you should be."
It’s not fair we treat you like a dying man
when you were always full of life.

“Just you can’t see it, it doesn’t means,
it isn’t there.” Said your look,
Even if your smile tried to hide it.
Now that this light isn’t in the firmament anymore,
I just can cry and scream
while I get the answer…
Do I care be just one more light?
Well, I do.

PD: I wrote it in my maternal language, so maybe you’ll find some mistakes. Please let me know if there are or no.

Inspered in Linkin Park’s song: One More Light.

Portraits of a Masked Mind

This is such a good piece, very moving, alot of raw emotion

Great job…


Thank you very much.

After Chester’s pass I couldn’t ask you.

I’ve read it again now, and I felt peace.

I don’t know if you feel something different now.

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