One More Light cover in honour of Chester


dear chester,

five days before you laid your demons to rest, i recorded a cover of one more light without knowing that you would not be here anymore today. for some reason… when recording that cover i didn’t feel very well. it’s like i knew that something was going to happen. these past few weeks have been incredibly hard for me. words can’t express the pain i felt and still feel. it’s like a part of me has fallen apart. chester, you meant the world to me. you have brought me so much light, joy and happiness in those past few months. i will love and cherish you forever. in about two weeks, i will be performing at the finale of a competition i’m currently taking part in. i’ve never really been sure which song to sing for that… but now i know. i’m going to perform one more light. not for myself, not for the audience, not for the judges, but for you. for you only.
thank you for everything.
rest in paradise, my angel.


Beautiful cover! Good luck in the competition


So beautiful and honest :heart: You have a beautiful voice, I hope you’ll win, let us know!


Wow! Thank you for posting your cover. You have a beautiful voice! Hope you win.


Thank you so much :heart: