One More Light for Chester fundraiser in London


Come and join new fundriser and memorial for Chester in London. All the details in the event description, Please share and help!

For those without Facebook:
28.10. starting 6pm finishing 1am
Tithe Farm Social Club
151 Rayners Lane, Harrow, Middlesex, HA2 0XH London

Fundriser for MIND charity and Memorial for Chester.
Couple of rules and requests for the event

  1. Entry is free, but I would like to ask for the donations for the charity.
  2. If you could bring some food that would be amazing
  3. Drinks must be purchased in the club’s bar, but the prices are not high, cheaper than in regular pub (we have free entry so this is the only way we could have it for free).
  4. Guitar is more than welcome, there is possibility of pluging in the ipod or phone so if someone is willing to be a DJ please let us know so we can arrange it.
  5. We are planning to have a raffle so if you have something you’d like to donate it would be amazing!
  6. NO candles please. We can have the battery ones, but no open flames.


Hopefully I’ll come if I’m not too busy with uni. It’s relatively close to me.


would be awesome! Edited just for people without Facebook :slight_smile:


The link worked fine for me but I didn’t see the regulations until you added them to the post. If it starts at 6 then I should be able to make it and stay until 8 or so.


that;s cool!!! i hope to see you there :slight_smile:


@evooba you might be interested in this.

@rorymcgarrett Just to clarify, we bring food but not drinks?


yes. Drinks must be purchased inside. That was the only deal with the club to have the place for free. But the prices are not bad, 1 quid for a can of coke or 3 quid for a pint. Not that bad in my opinion


Damn, that’s pretty good, considering I once paid £8 for a pint of fake coke.


lol, so not bad then :slight_smile: should be ok with the money. i hope people will come, have to advertise it properly


I just hope they don’t ask me for ID for alcohol because then the best thing I can show them is an oyster and my uni ID which aren’t ideal. I don’t drive yet so I don’t have a license. :joy:


lol you can always ask someone to buy it for you :wink:


Busy this weekend :confused: I’ll catch the next one.


It’s next month @aaran .


I wish i could go but i live in nj i couldn’t go i work early in the morning. And i would love to go and meat other lp family. I 'll keep chester on my heart and my life forever.

  1. It’s a weekend which is a huge no for me. Can’t be off work. 2. Harrow is a bit too far. 3. Transport? 4. Still a month and a half left so I’ll see what I can do.


Transport, Rayner’s lane station is close. Met and Pic stop there.


I just checked, it’s piccadilly line which means night tube. That’s good.


I was badly willing to come…kept on reading complete address and got this…

That’s it… can’t come :no_mouth:

Thats nice… i liked the idea rory :slightly_smiling_face:

Still try it… you will have good time :slightly_smiling_face:


It would be awesome if you could come @evooba
We need more people. It’s a great cause as well


I’m attending a Bday party that weekend (yeah I know its in Oct) :(:frowning: