One More Light (harmonica cover)


Love this song very much, and finally performed it on the favorite instrument.


Hey you’re back! I saw another LP cover you did and was mind blown by the creative use of your instrument. Never would have thought someone could do this.

You took an emotional song and really added to the sadness and heartache I feel when I sing along. Thanks very much for these, hope you keep them up!


Wow! So unexpected that somebody really remember me! Thank you so much, you really make me inspired:slight_smile:


Ahh yeah you’re harmonica guy! There’s only one of you…probably in the world!


So happy to be exclusive :smiley:


I liked the emotion that you put in the song. The atmosphere is very emotional. Great job.


Thank you very much


Thanks to you to take part of your time to make this beautiful song more beautiful.


Thanks you to take part of your time to watch the video:slight_smile: