"One More Light" Mega topic: good goodbye thoughs


Hi guys I enjoyed Good Goodbye but after listening to Mike’s raping and comparing it to the others I really don’t see why the band needed to have featured artist in the song. Mike sounded so amazing by himself don’t you guys think? The others kind of ruined the song. That being said I still like it. Let me know what you guys think!

PS have a great holiday!


I like Mike rap part the song could be more up beat it needed more energy I think it seems like all the songs are mellow I think it needs more rock all in all the song could be better but it passes for me :grimacing:


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I don’t know how to post to that that’s what I tried doing


What issues are you having?

Should see reply buttons all over the place, what happens when you click them?


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if the connection is unstable, the page starts rolling when you press one (at least on my side) That happens only on mobile version


I am not able to find a reply button. I know it’s weird but I really can’t find one!


Try turning off advertisement blocking utilities if you have any(that helped me on a few other sides, but the forum always worked fine)


Ok thanks mofc


Not sure what more you can try i that doesn’t work but if you continue to have problems, post in the help section. I’m going to close this ward off any convos that should be in the main thread.


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