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Wow. The day just passed so quickly


Slowly for me. I’m not even in my right mind today


Stay strong soldiers!
After the angry comes the hope…


What hope? He’s dead


Watch the language please. I know emotions are up, don’t let them control you.


This made me cry so hard… :cry:


Disgusting stuff with whoever hacked Talinda’s Twitter. Fuck whoever did that


Oml tour officially cancelled in case there was a doubt in anyone’s mind…:broken_heart:

Double down on the hacker
No respect and no :tennis::tennis: move


I tried to fall asleep yesterday thinking: it should be easier tomorrow. I woke up at 4 AM, opened twitter, listened to Roads Untraveled, and I have worse mood than I had yesterday. It hurts inside


I was thinking only a month or so ago about how great we had it. A band that will undoubtedly stay together for a long long time, and that will make countless more albums.

This is so unreal. You always hear about people doing this, famous people committing, you know, but you never expect it to be one of your own, especially when they seem so happy and healthy.


I felt it too today, knowing that my favourite singer is GONE from this world forever. No new LP songs with Chester. But eventually with time we will come to acceptance. This was not in our control, Chester made his choice. In fact, I am still in shock and even confused more than anything; he had loads of support emotionally and mentally from his band, and no doubt family and friends. He opens up about his problems. Yes Chris Cornell was very sudden and hard hitting especially when he was getting out of his depression. But still he would have found a way to get past this and not let this lead to suicide. It just seems so out of character.


May be he had problems inside of his head. In one interview, this cycle I believe, he said that when he helps other people - he’s happy and nothing wrong, but when he’s alone - his head is the most dangerous “neighborhood”. You cannot really predict if something like that will happen. My mother’s cousin - my uncle, committed suicide the same way Chester did - by… Don’t want to say that word… That was quite awful too. I don’t know why I’m saying this, but anyway… I hope you guys alright, as much as it’s possible right now


I truly believe that he was wasted, didn’t mean to do it, but wanted to feel “close” to Chris on his birthday, so in anger and sadness he prepared the door the same way Chris had, and although I’m sure he meant to choke himself and feel pain, I don’t think he actually meant to die, just to feel good in the pity and try to bond with Chris, in that dark way.

He could have fallen unconscious unexpectedly. But I truly don’t think he meant to die. No note or anything.


Still I am not in mood…


He really is gone, isn’t he?


I have a bad feeling inside thinking he had an argument with someone
Unless he was in his family’s home(I have no clue) I can’t really think of another reason he’d be away from his family if he’s in LA…
Today’s been tougher, I’ve gone through their discography all day and it’s hard to not tear up
I was somewhat a loner by choice through my life, left most everything behind for someone I thought I’d be with through thick and thin and when that walked out of my life I’ve been even more isolated
I didn’t have physical struggles like many yet through the kid sh*t stuff and the real struggles and losses and frustrations I always turned to them
A two lane highway and a decent set of speakers pumping LP is all I’ve needed to let go of problems
I can only hope that there’s locked up tracks and demos he perhaps recorded even roughly that maybe will one day see the light and find our ears
I previously said I hoped they had recorded other things for this album and cut a lot of it out in hopes for later use
Anything that man wrote or spoke would be a blessing to hear one more time
However it is he chose to go out and whatever reason he had to do so, I’ll hold onto the belief and memory in which he helped countless people get through bs every day…

When my time comes
Forget the wrong that I’ve done
Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed
And don’t resent me
And when you’re feeling empty
Keep me in your memory
Leave out all the rest
Leave out all the rest


Great post man, I think I’m in shock or something because I simply cannot cry, and… I can’t explain it it’s like my emotions are dry all of a sudden. Haven’t listened to any songs since the news broke. Bought a bottle of Crown and I’m downing it tonight, I can’t believe any of this, I wish Evooba would show her damn face because I know she felt like I do about all this and it would be nice to see another hardcore forum regular here to ease the pain, maybe tonight is the night I don’t know, I never imagined this was possible


I can see her face on Facebook.

And only when you @tenkaichi shared that video about your reflection did I believe that you weren’t any bit Japanese at all.


Slightly made me laugh. Also, this dark shit busted me up an hour ago, best laugh I’ve had in awhile, granted I’m not all there in the head today, processing a lot of shit I guess


Its okay… :slight_smile: you will be soon…just take a deep breath

yeah, i wish i could say no