"One More Light" Mega-Topic, Out Now!


My favorite performance of Heavy.

Love his passion for the song :heart: Thank you Chester


I love how he performance this song how powerful his voice is .


Me too. Now that is a great display of real quality vocals as always. He never once let me down vocally. Even on days when he was sick, it didn’t matter cause he always delivered a great performance,


He NEVER let his fans down! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Agreed. Well I’m one of them. :cry::heart::joy: I just miss him.


I miss him every single day! :cry::cry:
I play at least 10 LP songs or songs related to them every single day!


I came across this insane comment on the Sharp Edges official audio video:

‘‘Starts with Papercut, ends with Sharp Edges’’


Very introspective.


Hey guys, I’m back! Still deeply deeply missing Chester :frowning: but I am doing much much better now. Talinda and many others are doing a great job in promoting against suicide. Some people believe suicide is a human right, but honestly it’s such a horrific thing. I know I know Chester was very very depressed, especially about Chris Cornell, but nonetheless it shouldn’t be supported or encouraged like some people do.

I really really wish he could have held on or at least talked to someone to help him out of the state he was. Probably didn’t help that he had half a bottle of Alcohol aswell. But there’s nothing any of us could have done, nor his family or friends cause he was alone. And no one knew his intentions when he looked fine to them.

Stay strong my fellow LP supporters! Also, my favourite song in the album is “Nobody Can Save Me,” then “One More Light” and “Heavy.” I like the whole album but those are the 3 strongest for me. I have a feeling LP will continue.


Anyone going to be watching the Carpool Karoake tomorrow? I am, I hope that they play something from the new album.


I would love to see it but sadly i don’t have fb .i hope they put on Instagram so i can see it . I will love to see chester and mike together


It made me so happy seeing him! When I watch Chester I always feel happy and lively. Unbelievable that was only 6 days before his death :frowning:


What video is this???


I don’t remember :sweat_smile:
Probably one of the behind the scenes clips.
You should find it on youtube


Start listening at around 1h 11min in.


I like how they’re starting to open up about everything.


I take it as an extremely good sign! I think they are starting to heal


I hope so. Mike and Joe also did a recent interview about the new LP virtual reality app (also talking about Chester a little bit).


I saw that one, I really do hope they’re going to release those clips of the making of the album that they talked about.


So fu##king Awesome