"One More Light" Mega-Topic, Out Now!


Yes! I always want to see more of the making-of process. They should release the clips outside of this VR app as well


One more interview after the show


Thank you for this!


Thanks for posting!




Thank you so much for posting this


New live album will be released by LP


This is an awesome news!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart: :cupid: :heart:


Preordered and can’t wait


I needed this. It’s going to be the best live album! Can’t wait to get it in my hands.


When is going to be at the stores in going to get this i have to have it


You can pre-order it already.


Just preordered I thought they’d run out haha
I was really hoping crawling was included in the acoustic version, it’s chilling


I can’t wait until December. Well, the end of this year actually!!!


LOL! Classic Brady Bunch reference! I knew they had a sense of humor, but this is great!


Beautiful, but also upsetting, cause I will always miss Chester. But that’s another story.


FINALLY I’M BACK! I tried to log in but it kept saying “403 Forbidden.” Gotta use Safari to get into this :frowning:


Welcome back :smile: always try a different browser first


Thanks! Will remember for next time! I really hope LP do continue. There WILL be backlash, they won’t be the same again, but I still hope they continue,


After much time, I am listening again from 1 to 10 (no skip for heavy) , one more light…I wish there was more studio footage on youtube… These songs ended up being special to us, it’d be great if we could have a look at how they were made…
I have no hope…just sharing a thought :slight_smile: