"One More Light" Mega-Topic, Out Now!


I agree with you. Some LPTV episodes of the making of OML will be brilliant!


Guys? Today Sharp Edges digital single drops off for the ones who made a pre-order


I can’t listen to this track. I tried but I just started crying and had to turn it off. I was good with listening to most of the lp songs but I am not so sure that I will be able to listen to the live album.



I love it!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Chester’s an Icon no doubt :smiley:


Welcome!!! I know i am late… 7 days lol…


This is so freaking beautiful!


Yes! And this song works so well acoustically. I never cared much for the original but this is just ten times better


They removed peoples phones from the front. I just noticed that which means they removed my arm!


I saw this music vid yesterday and it was really good …


I love this so much! All of what they’re doing and continue to do. :heart:️:black_heart::heart:


I’m not listening to ANY of the One More Light live until it comes out later on in December but all of the comments about how good it is makes me want to listen. ARGH :flushed::scream:


Lol you know you want too…

I am gonna have a good proper listen when it comes out start to finish, I have pre warned my housemates to not talk to me during o there will be hell to pay lol


That’s the same with me. Only less than a week! :+1::+1::heart:️:heart:️


Sharp Edges is out!


OML Live premier on Virgin Radio Italy right now: http://www.virginradio.it/sezioni/1184/virgin-radio-on-air


You knew before me!! :joy: don’t steal my news! :joy: jk well done! :hugs:


too bad i can’t listen to that


I got home from work and these are at my door :hugs: