"One More Light" Mega-Topic, Out Now!


God it’ll be like 47 years before I receive mine in the post…


Man i hope my cd will arrive today too😍


I just got my digital version of OMLL and 3 of the files are broken (Songs 1, 12 and 16). Does anyone else have the same problem?


how come people are getting them and i didn’t even get the email that it’s been send to me


It seems to be working fine for me…They came as a zip file yeah? try un-zipping the file again in another folder @evooba.


I did but no luck. I emailed support, see what happens.


i didn’t even get my digital download or physical copy. i emailed the store so they sent me the link to download


Isn’t Mike about to do a live listening session on his instagram account right now?


Yeah, he mentioned he’s putting a link up on his profile…


he is on instagram


lolz - mike broke instagram


it’s mike i am not surprised hahaha


I was on Instagram with mike on live stream it was so cool.


Can’t wait to get the CD - the car stereo is going to get hammered…
Poor Mike - he was weirded out I think…


It was a cool stream. It still hurts to see Mike being emotional and not able to talk about it but it was good seeing him in general. I’m glad they’re all coping in their own way and doing stuff.

I have yet to listen to the album, I probably will tomorrow at some point. It sounds amazing from what I’ve read so far.


I am listening it even when i am crying my eyes out. Mike was amazing but he couldn’t even listen to the songs. you could see his eyes, sad


CD has not arrived yet, :cry::cry:


mine too. i am emailing lp store back and forth as they can’t find my order lol how nice


Can’t you forward them your confirmation email with your order number and everything?


I don;t have the email with order number. i have like transaction number, but the thing is is from this page unified music as it took me there when i was pre ordering. but the download emails were from lp store so i am not imagining things, i bought the cd