"One More Light" Mega-Topic, Out Now!


That’s so weird, why did it redirct you, warner has a UK store. Anyway, I’m sure they’ll figure it out.


maybe because i was in new zealand at this time. so this is the reason. i texted this unified music as well, but have to probably wait until monday. god knows where is this thing from


Yeah - that was the NZ/AU ‘distributor’, which is where mine is coming from.
Did you try store@weareunified.com ?


i texted them, but they are replying monday-friday. so i am guessing it will be better to buy another one. idk what to do now


Crap - and it’s xmas too which will slow things down.
Maybe LPstore can give you a digital link to the album? Until the CD arrives?
Give em a couple of days to figure it out…and it’s the weekend here - so maybe add a day.


yeah the lp store gave me the digital download. i am so angry as it was all wrong. when i was in nz i preordered taylor swift album and it put new zealand instead of uk there. and now this. bugger


Oh, well at least you have that.
I don’t even have THAT…lol - I’m using stupid spotify with Ads!

I’ll let you know when mine turns up - although I did get a tracking number from them on 13 Dec - so I know it’s on the way…sounds like you didn’t get that?


nope, no tracking number, nothing. so this is a bit of a problem for me. i might as well go to the shop and buy it tomorrow. stupid new zealand lol


Ballssssss - when ordering online goes bad…LOL


i know! but it was totally nz fault. i mean just because i am in nz doesn’t mean i want to use their stuff lol

btw the site is telling me not to talk to you anymore :smiley: lol


LOL I got that message too - how rude.
Also - how rude…totally NZ’s fault? Whaaaaat - man, I’m so getting out my jandal… :stuck_out_tongue:


hahaha :smiley: i have to blame someone and since i can’t blame myself that means i blame it on the gps :smiley:


OK - blaming it on the GPS I can roll with…:smiley:


i hope i will get the cd at one point. god knows when.


47 years man…47 long tedious years…


yeah, i have a feeling i will be totally waiting 47 or more years. i will sooner return to the island than the cd will get to me lol. the gps had to pick the place at the end of the world


Mike’s status on Twitter made me cry! :cry::cry::cry::cry:


Is there a way I can watch it after the fact I sadly coudnt jump on with him when I happened


If someone recorded it, you can search YT, see if anyone uploaded it there.


Yep - saw that someone put it on FB …so it’s definitely around.
Not sure whether this will work…