"One More Light" Mega-Topic, Out Now!


I like it! I love both versions now.


So that’s two unreleased songs from LP within one week:
The 1st one - a LP remix of one of the songs from Massive Attack and;
The 2nd one - the Good Goodbye demo.


Yeah what a week! Haven’t heard the remix yet though. I hope this leak is a sign of an upcoming LPU CD, but I’m not too optimistic about it.

I know, but this is an actual early demo. As you may hear, some sounds are mixed differently


Upcoming LPU CD? Oh yeah! :+1::+1::+1:


Would be amazing


This is happening!! :smiley:



I hope I can get my hands on this vinyl. There aren’t any music stores around me, most, if not all, of mine were bought in a different state on vacation or online


Same problem here, I always buy online (keep an eye on amazon, they tend to put them up for pre-order for good prices, it’s how I got my TRT really cheap a few years ago).


I feel like I’m a little to wary of buying music online, I’ve never bought a physical CD (let alone vinyl) from Amazon.

There doesn’t seem to be enough standards in place stopping people from selling bootleg stuff. To be fair, bootlegers would have to be working impressively fast to mimic a vinyl that is yet to be even shown off yet


This is getting posted around today since it was posted a year ago today. I’m sure most of you have already seen it before, but I felt I should share it again anyways.

One More Light is already a pretty sad song, and given the context of them performing it makes it harder to listen to, but Chester’s scream at the end gives me chills every time I hear it


Can’t listen to this song anymore.

I thought this performance was hard to watch even then…but now its just another level of difficult.



Today it’s the OML’s First Aniversary, is supposed to be a day to celebrate, but it seems like the history is other…

The awaiting for a new album after 3 years had finally over. We already knew the tracklist and we had heard some songs from OML.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is:


Nobody Can Save Me:

I don’t have much to say about NCSM for now. The 2-3 times it was played in live I loved it!

Good Goodbye:
The lyrics video has a lot of interesting thing to find out.

The official video is simple, but funny to see. Also the intro is beautiful and contagious.

About the song itself: I always fall in love when Chester sings the third “So say goodbye and hit the road…” (After Stormzy’s Verse) because the energy and the natural way in how he sings it.

Talking To Myseft:
The Stripped Down Version

There is not a full video about this performance, it’s a mix of emotions listen to this song.

Audio Only:

The song itselft is my second favorite of all the album.

Official Video:

Just a few hours before Chester’s passed away this video had seen the light… It’s a painful memory for me… It’s hard to explain how this video has become in like a double-edge weapon… There are days where I’m happy listening to and other… it’s… you just want to forget July 20…

…I’m just talking to myself…

Battle Symphony:
With an “urban style” BS has the particularity to fail in its intro when it’s played live, and one of the most powerful bridges I’ve heard in all the album.


Very touchful the lyrics if you are a father/mother or as a song/daughter understand the hard work that this duty represents… The ohh of Chester can tear you down when you pay attention to it.

The first try of OML had come to us

The video shows us a Chester fighting against his demons… And beyond the good or bad the song can be, this video can be understood in different levels.

Sorry For Now:
My second less favorite song of all, tbh. In live is fun to listen to (see the live version of Mike) even though I like the lyrics.

Half Way Right:
No my favorite, simply I don’t connect with this song.

One More Light:
And here is when everything turns into the core of a mix of emotions that you just don’t know how to explain or if give them a name…

One More Light means more that I can express…

Since this video appeared I downloaded almost immediately, every night I was trying to understand the lyrics and sing along…

It became my favorite song… The life debut now is like… I don’t know what I feel, I just know that I… Chester… I don’t know…

I made a type of promise with the official video:

When I were down and feeing me alone I’d listen to OML and I’d smile to the memory of Chester, for him, for all you, for my family and for me…

OML is a vortex of pain, memories, fun, pride, etc. Each live version is different, the most heartbreaking point is the “I do” in the second part of the bridge.



An edited version: (You can skip to 6:32)

The last show

… Chester, brother… whenever you are… we keep missing you and, at the same time, making you proud…

In Honor of Chris:

It seems that the original video has been deleted or removed somewhere :confused:

“If they say who cares if one more light goes out? … Well, we fucking do!!!”
Damn it! … Why? … Oh Chester, help me to smile again…

Sharp Edges:
This is one of these song that you don’t expect and you can say “this song doesn’t belong here” the first time, but when you listen to again you release this one is the best way to close the album.

I know I said this post is for celebrate the first anniversary… But I guess… If we want to celebrate it… we should let go away all our sadness and bad feelings…

I can’t say “Happy first year,” just “1 year of OML”…


It´s painiful anniversary… it´s one of my absolute favorit albums. But my heart breaks everytime i listen to it!
But i love it!


I remember being on spotify with my headphones.To listen the album in its correct order…To feel their feelings… I was proud.
I still have the same feeling for these songs( I still don’t like heavy) …
This is the album that I defended more than any other , I had my first online fight on facebook…I still don’t regret fighting for it…
I cannot listen to one more light and I am sorry for keeping the views of the video low, it is so f***** hard… It was hard even when they played it live, I remember crying for my “lights”…

There is no reason or meaning for this post… Just taking my thoughts out,to people who would understand


The month One More Light released was one of the crappiest months for me. The day it released I told myself that for one day, I would just take a break from all that has been happening in life, go to the store, get the CD and listen to it. I did just that. Woke up much earlier than usual, waited for the store to open, went out, got it and listened to it- no distractions. I was so happy that day. All the crap was just forgotten during that time.

With much love, Happy Anniversary One More Light.


Happy anniversary One More Light! :heart:️:heart:️


Wow great post! Gonna listen to the album again today :tada:

Edit: listening now


Been listening all Day now! I really love OML


Happy birthday, One More Light!

For whatever reason, this video got deleted despite being uploaded by Jimmy Kimmel’s official account. What a shame


I hated this album before it was even released. I absolutely loathed everything and didn’t want to listen to it. A year later, it has grown on me a lot and I find it hard to listen to for obvious reasons. I can’t say it’s one of my favourites but it definitely is (and always will be) a special one.