"One More Light" Mega-Topic, Out Now!


Linkin Park, for me, is one of the few bands that keeps music exciting to me. I can go into each new release with no expectations, and see what journey the guys take me on next.

When I first listened to One More Light, it was through headphones, in the car with my dad, on our way up north to go camping. Though, it wasn’t much of a first-listen, because my dad also had loud music playing in the car. I enjoyed what I heard, though.

Until we returned home, and I had the chance to properly listen to it with no distractions, and I loved it.

It’s a hauntingly beautiful tribute to Chester’s final body of work, and some of the best vocals he’s ever delivered.

Happy anniversary.


The first time I listened to it, I wasn’t sure to really like it. Then, the second time, I read the lyrics and totally loved it.

I was getting through a tough time, and found myself in Heavy. I watched the studio version with Kiiara, this moment is gold.

I love this song.


Yay I’m not the only one who likes Heavy! :tada:


I like heavy too! Don’t worry


@Lilyope @rickvanmeijel @AJ_7 I like Heavy without Kiiara, I loved every live performance :slight_smile:
(I have nothing against Kiiara, I just don’t think that she was an “original” voice … if it makes sense)


I’m another Heavy fan


I think they let Kiiara sang too much of the song, I’d rather have had Chester be upfront

@AJ_7 @melisLP join the team :smile:


Yeah it would have been great if it was sung completely by Chester. That being said, I think having a female vocalist was good because it shows that Chester has a versatile voice and can sing almost anything with almost anyone. It keeps the haters quiet!


I do love Heavy but I prefer it with Chester’ voice all the way through


Heavy is probably my least favourite and Kiara being in it is pretty much why. But, it is one of my favourites to play on the piano.


This. The chord progression sounds so smooth. It’s also quite simple right?


Yeah it is very simple but sounds soothing. Same goes for Looking For An Answer.


Soothing was the word I was looking for :smile: Oh I should try that one too!


I love both the song and the vid bit it always peturbs me slightly as i know a kiara in real life who looks similar and it nearly makes me doubke take every time


Seems only Americans can vote here… :confused: so vote! :sun_with_face:


Oh I really hope that Linkin Park will win this Award , but it’s too bad that only Americans can vote :broken_heart:


I just voted

Sucks that only Americans can vote though


You can use a “VPN Connection” (just search in google). That’s what I’ll do :slight_smile:

Hope, that i could helped you .


The “one more light”-Video crossed the 100 Million Views mark!

Sad and happy :sob::heart: