One more light vs Blinkin Park


Whats the difference between these two shows ? Is Linkin Park singing the same songs ? Will I be seeing the same amount of LP ? ie- Is Blink 182 preforming for half the show etc ?

I’m about to purchase tickets but I’m not sure which venue I should pick. I want the most I can get out of LP - the rest of the banks are just extras.

Thanks in advance for any help guys !


Regardless of who they tour with, their set list should remain relatively the same. Whichever show you attend, you’ll have a great time nonetheless.


Lol I know, LP doesn’t disappoint live. I believe I’m going to go to the Blinkin Park one so I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing out on anything compared to the One More Light Tour.

Thanks !


The Blinkin shows were announced after the US tour was, so I was planning on seeing LP this summer anyway. Once the show in Queens was announced, it sealed the deal for me. It was easily a no-brainer.