One week until a show in Poland!


So it’s exactly one week until their fourth show in Poland ever and second show during The Hunting Party touring cycle. Who’s going? Who’s excited? :smiley:
It will be my second Linkin Park show. The first one was year ago in Wroclaw. It was amazing show and I hope the next one will be that good as show in Wroclaw or even better.
And who signed up to the M&G lottery?


Madly excited, and it’s my first show. I did sign up for the lottery. Did you thought about signing up to be a volunteer at the show in Rybnik?


No, because I’m 16 years old (I think volunteer must be 18 or older).
But I think it’s interesting to be a volunteer, maybe next time :wink:


“Excited” is not a word good enough to reveal the whole of the storm of emotions inside of me right now! :grin:
The third show, the first one in Golden Circle, though… I’m afraid my poor heart won’t be able to take the immensity of the love I’ll be feeling!
I did sign up for the lottery, we’ll see soon with what results…
I thought about being a volunteer, but I doubt it’d be able to be done, not with the kind of transport I’d chosen for the concert… But I’m already considering doing it next time!

(A tak w ogóle, nie wiem, czy naprawdę musimy chwalić się pisaniem po angielsku, czy wszyscy tu są z Polski? ;))


Share your experiences after all here, so we can take part…


Tak, będzie się działo i czekam na m&g :smiley:


Generalnie to tu dozwolone jest pisanie po angielsku, jeszcze pelno ludzi z innych krajów jedzie (Czechy, Slowacja, Węgry, Bulgaria, Rumunia, nawet z UK), a może będą chcieli tutaj sie wypowiedzieć :smiley:


(No tak, o tym nie pomyślałam… :blush:)

Of course I’m going to share the experiences, having the ability to join in the joy of other LP fans and giving it in return is one of the most amazing things of being a part of the LP online society, after all! :relaxed: And I hope a lot more members will do so, too!


I’ll do it, maybe not just after the show (I’m sure I’ll be so tired - I’ll be rocking hard) :smiley: but I’ll post some photos/videos on my instagram (@tireaa) just after the show, so you’ll can check this out :slight_smile:
Can’t wait for 25th! 6 days!


so nice from ya´ll how long does it take to your show


5 days to the show & 4mins till end of the M&G contest!


Anybody got m&g? Me not :frowning:


Juz pisałam na fb, ze jutro/pojutrze są maile :smiley:


To everyone: If you didn’t get a M&G email, don’t worry. Contest just ended and if you’ll be selected, you’ll get an email tomorrow or on Saturday I think. Not later than Saturday or beginning of Sunday.


How many people got selected for m&g? I could only see 10 avatars when the lottery was over… Anyone? ( not myself this time :frowning: )


Nobody knows. Something around 50-100. We will see. I’m selected :slight_smile:


28,5 hours!


Guys, i arrived in katowic, was in rybnik today for grab some posters from the concert, got 2 of them. Now im sitting in my room in katowice and look for someone to go for a beer tonight. Someone interested?


Who wants to return to katowice with a taxi? 200zl, so per person 50zl


Wyjazd za 9h. Miłej drogi !!! Do zobaczenia.