Onirics (Band): Musical Project



  • We are an Alternative Rock Band.
  • We have a strong influence of Linkin Park and Interpol.
  • Since August we started this new project.
  • We already have 9 songs.
  • We combinated the pasion of the music, write and draw in this EP.
  • Hidden messages everywhere.
  • Feel free to comment.

The Lyrics:

01 Layla D.

She was a night lady, I was her slave.
Layla was her name.
We spent her last night in a motel.
She is…
She passed away when I was out,
When I was out.

Her memories are around a box,
My love is captive in a jail,
Oh Layla, were you there rescuing me?
Oh Layla, were you there rescuing me?


With your sinful smile I met your fragile side.
Taking her pieces they think that the blame is mine.
Oh sweet, sweet Layla, I should’ve said goodbye…

But the current awaits for me.

02 Limbo

They sing announcing an end,
I will end caught by the river.
Crashing me against these rocks
And running away for a tight rope
I fell into the water’s violence.
The echoes bring
The pain

The risk of walk there is swallow us
Until the depth of the sea
They, they can´t understand why
We like to walk down the water.

Our holy paradise is now a battlefield
Undermined by the supremacy
Of our unnatural souls.
The sun will burn our skin in the fire’s lake.

With owl’s eyes I see my end.
Those blackbirds welcome me.
With owl’s eyes I see my end.
Those blackbirds welcome me.

03 Surrender

Today I feel free for the first time in my life
I found a new friend of my age under my bed
Making doodles with my hands in the wind
I created a new style to love others.

I’m still sleeping in my complex of perfectionist,
Don’t judge me, because the trips are not so longer,
Loneliness isn’t forever, hopes rest in mad souls.

Uuuuhhh Uuuhhh

Through the experience belonging nowhere
I collected old memories.

Give up to the sounds, and let´s pretend
They are the most real thing, you can
Connect with, the incomprehensible world.

My mouth is silence
And my hands kill dreams.
The world can’t afford my presence.
Surrender, I… Let down, I…

04 Crustacean

Touched by the air and the waves
Feeling shy and afraid of myself
A thousand monsters desire my body
I walk nowhere yelling from the inside
Am I a crustacean?

The current is the only thing
That keeps me alive
If I follow its orders.
It’s like a barrier, my wall
But it’s the only way to survive.

I feel like a crustacean
Waiting for its destiny
But I’m tired of be what they want (to)
I want to be more like a tiger
I belong out there
I need to leave the beach
And find the sky
In my mental path.

As crustacean
I feel like one.

05 Cigarette (Parental Advisory)

In a red garden
Where the flowers wear black,
And your heart reposes in my hand
Only your essence feels in the air.

Should I keep you until the end?
Spinning around this fucking crime.

Emptying my sorrow with this Whisky
I think I can come to do the same today
Arriving the places where we used to live.

You can hold on but
You can’t survive.
I won’t stop myself.
Floating above the white.

Drawing my sins in slender lines
Reaching the blinder signs? Fine.
I took care of your fragrance
Mixed with my cigarette.

06 Connections

United by hatred and the misunderstandings,
I thought you were alone and you liked be it.
Joined to evil’s force we abandoned each other.
We fought against our duty and mercy.

After a time,
We spoke with bullets in our arms,
The red ink is a reminder
Of our lost spirit.

And there son,
You found my soul
And my will.
The connections
Covered in black points

Something miss, something left…

I fixed the things to destroy a thousand lives.
Why should I go away?
If their sounds guided me until there.
A part of us goes away through
The betrayed wisdom.

07 Bye, Bye Dog

Walking down those dreams.
No wondering, no asking.
No lies, no true.
Another sad soul talking about…
Screw you, sucker!!

I have to get that you’re gone,
You were my furry friend
I’m still missing you. Why did you go behind that car?
I have so much of this for you
But you are gone now.
Bye, bye dog.

Following your tail and eating those long days
Your drool in my skin is what was left.
Sad tears in your bowl
And a bitter one in my room.
Bye, bye dog.

08 Find Out

A silver flash drives my finger to you,
The iridescent blinds the sense
across the emptiness I found this essence
I believed I’d never get it.

My long friends told me
"Let yourself go for us"
"Your ears will lead you there"
Together we create the feeling.
Don’t pretend force us
The current of the wind awaits for us.

Cutting through the clouds
Our edge has done an angel’s melody
Words can’t fit in actions,
So we put it in your heart.

The signs painted the wood
With the color of the words.

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I’ll read through it a little later, ok? sorry , can’t like the post: out of likes


Ok. I won’t say anything about the songs until you read it :slight_smile:


I can’t like! But I will read them now :slight_smile:


I’m glad that your band was influenced by linkin park . I feel that u are going to make it in the music industry. I wish u the best of luck i hope one day i get to buy your cd or see u on YouTube. Best of luck.


A) you forgot me!!!
B) they are really great!! I already have favourites :slight_smile:


Are you gonna post the actual music as well?


For an EP its pretty good
The songs are great and what I like most is unlike myself you have pulled away from the whole 1st verse chorus 2nd verse chorus trend and its ballsy and bloody great
Keep it up


I’ll read it tomorrow! Late at night here… :sleeping: thanks for tagging me! :blush:


Reading them today, for now just thaaanx bro sharing your songs with us :sunny:


@GioS :slightly_smiling_face: (read the first post gio)

All of them were amazing!. All messages have been expressed so clearly and beautifully. Right words are choose. Great work! Keep it up! :+1::+1:
Are you gonna post the songs? Complete songs? I mean music ones?


Busy busy man over there :grinning:
I like the variety :slightly_smiling_face:
I hope to hear you guys singing them soon enough!


Read them! :rofl: I like your lyrics full of personal emotions… “Connections” is my favourite,deep thoughts and well written… keep it up!


Just read them all, I agree with @acemasters, it’s nice that you didn’t stick to the verse 1 chorus verse 2 chorus style. Intense, personal lines, really good work :slight_smile: looking forward to hearing them.

Thank you for tagging me @Honey8! :slight_smile:


this becomes my favorite line lol

Oh, and about all the rest: it’s great stuff, lyrically something like Sixx:Am or so. Great job, looking forward to music if there is one


@georkost, @GioS, I’m sorry, I’ll edit it tomorrow.
@hilaryfol thank very much.
@rickvanmeijel, @NickGr maybe. We -My bro and I- have to talk about.
@acemasters thank you, I was waiting for your reply. If you remember the lyrics I sent you, that song became in Layla D.
@theearlywalker you’re welcome.
@Honey8 thank you very much. As always I hid some messages on them.
@framos1792 we both wait the same jajaja talking seriously I appreciate your reply and your wishes. I hope that everything is ok in your side.
@lpfan61 my beautiful sister!! Thank you so much!! We worked hard in that song, so we like that this one be your favorite.

  • There will be some changes in the name of the band…


Awwwww… :blush: you’re welcome brother! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Nostalgia, bitter sweet kind, this the feel your songs are creating inside of me while reading - mixed with bitter sweet memories… and again your very personal writing style- no explanation- just facts ( kinda like this) strict, pushing and urge on … I feel it in kinds NIN genre sound, long words short sense:



What is the meaning of that?


Nine Inch Nails. The band.