Onirics (Band): Musical Project


Discussions can be useful to find the right way to do things… well sometimes… :confused:


Yeah… We have some at the begginig, they were normal, but the last week it scaled to a point that we weren’t discussing just for Onirics’ stuffs, but for things in our relation as brothers…

I am a little dissapointed, more for all of you, I would have liked you heard the song :confused:

Ahh… Any other question please send me a message to my WA. Thanks


Nooo! I’m sorry to hear this. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean you should stop making music :slight_smile:


I’ll hit you up on wa later today but I will say, youre bros-it’s your job to fight each other… it’d be unnatural if things went like a breeze
We all know you guys have something there :slight_smile:
Kick his aye double ess and tell him to sack up
Otherwise tell him he’s forfeiting his rights to what you’ve come up with and it now becomes oniriC
I’m amm sorry to hear of the troubles bro…


That’s right, but for now I don’t want to know nothing about this…

Ok, I’ll be waiting.


So I message being nice and you explain your master plan? :unamused:
You bring @intheend into the battle and I will cry :cold_sweat:


Jajaja say what? You didn’t read the last one :rofl:


:persevere: just knowing my family members is going to destroy me :joy:


I am sooo sorry and I just hope tim,e will help you two to get back together- or- just start your solo project!!! take a big bonecrusher and keep the faith, the music is in your blood, a part of you and you will always make music - that´s a fact…maybe not as Onirics but… let´s see what the future brings bro :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Welcome to the life :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Aww :heart_eyes: thanks! I needed one :hugs:

This! Thanks. I will try to create a song in the keyboard soon.


:joy: that’s not what I meant :sweat_smile:
Your brother just needs to miss you for a while you’ll see :slightly_smiling_face:


Jajaja yeah could be! And I didn’t get you, sorry :sweat_smile:




In other news:

My brother has decided to continue with the projects he alone. Officially I don’t have nothing to do with Onirics or him. Also some Lyrics will be in my book (Portraits)

Those lyrics are:
Crustacean and Overcoming because they are the most personal lyrics to me.

Without nothing else to say, just to thank you all the support you gave me during this 11 mouths and remember all of you that you are the best! Thanks for everything.

@derek @jFar920 can you close this topic on Friday 20th, please? Thanks in advance.


This doesn’t feel right. Did he just kick you out of the band?


No exactly. We accorded end the project because I wasn’t putting the necessary effort. And this last weekend he said he will continue with it. So basically I left the project.

I don’t want to know anything about this project for now, I just wish the best to him.