Organ donation and Linkin Park


I am 42yrs old and have been a huge Linkin Park fan from the very beginning. My mother used to call them my angry music and asked how I could understand Chester. She said she only could hear screaming. I listened to Chester scream everyday during my physiotherapy after my liver transplant. I had to learn how to walk, to eat, and to speak again. I pushed myself beyond my limits and got out of the hospital. I even wrote a very lame song inspired by this ordeal. If I ever get a chance to meet them, I would definitely thank them for the inspiration and drive to change my life. I waited almost 2yrs for my gift from God, but way too many people suffer while waiting and too many lose their battle while waiting for a match. This needs to change. Thanks for your time.


Wooow that is so great! I´m so happy for you!!! Yeah Linkin Park can help in every time of life!!! <3


lp-music has already helped me a lot, too. music can trigger so much in someone. that’s great! I hope you feel better now. by the way: my husband talks about chester like your mother :smile:


LP music has helped me a lot over the years. Especially in my mid to late 20s. I have always been a fan. It helps my husband likes them also (not as much as I do). I hope your health stays well.


Thanks for all the comments and words of encouragement. Linkin Park has been a key element of my life from the beginning. I don’t need to go see a therapist, I just need to listen to Chester sing those intelligent lyrics and everything will be fine


So very sorry for your situation my friend. This topic was my way of saying thank you to Linkin Park for what they have done to change my life.
I doubt that this will be seen by then as it is.
Do not give up hope, the power of prayer works. My family and friends prayed for me everday while in my coma and everday until I was home with friends and family.
God will guide you and your mother. Listen to Chester and Bleed it Out.