Organisation of concerts in china this July


Today just back at home and find out the information that Linkin Park will come to us in China and for 5 concerts…so was really happy and excited so much to take all 5 tickets. But after 20 minutes of conversation with organisation company and checking of their web-site, has stop that…and here i will try to explain you why?

first web-site. On chinese or english version the information about tickets only in prices without information of the zone-place. For all concerts

then i send an e-mail to them with asking of information. Got only following reply: 2 biggest price for infield and 3 cheapest for grandstand. And that’s all…No more details

then was a call to them. After 10 minutes of conversation, i have got only following info:
1 - infield - its a seat place at the stage
2 - grandstand - it’s a place in the back of the concert hall, but !!! also seat
3 - after pre-sale will finish - the organization company will decide wich places they will choose to you
4 - they really thinking that at the stage fan zone would be the only seat places

after that i have asked them, have they ever seen any concert of Linkin Park and how do they planing to realize that. Its common for concerts in China. But they ask me to send my opinion to them by email and wait until tommorow reply

So in conclusion want to ask here following thing. If here availiable any person which working with organisation of concerts, please check one more time the organisation type, because i think that everybody will agree with me, that after first of the concert with such organisation - there is really huge opportunity, that they will cancel all other concerts, until remade everything in right way. Comm’om it’s not a kenny g, where people at the stage would be sitting on the chairs and thing about ideas of how it sounds

With best regards