Origami and paper folding creations


I didn’t find any topic on this subject.

So here you can share all your origami / paper folding creations. We can also give advices, share videos, origami instructions…

I begin with my last creations:

Mike inspired me for this one:



The third one looks awesome. I’m terrible at origami. I fold the occasional mediocre plane but I don’t think it counts :stuck_out_tongue:


The crane looks great I use to have origami when I was in elementary school I forgot how to do it now lol I don’t do origami anymore I use to along time ago :grin:




You are an origami master!!! It takes patience… very very beautiful!!


Sooo beautiful!! I definitely need to find time to try this :slight_smile:


Wow i love the Swan it so beautiful


Thank you for your kind comments! :kissing_heart:

Christmas tree:


Nice work! :star_struck:


For the christmas tree:

If you want to try, I found the instructions online :
Diamonds: http://designoform.com/diy-party/tutorial-paper-diamonds-diy/
Stars: https://youtu.be/nlrLmYxtve0 (the text is in french but you can understand it without)

What are you doing right now?

This is the only origami I know by heart. It’s a pretty simple design and looks better with coloured paper, I only had scrap paper to work with.


That’s cool! Sometimes it’s better to have a no-colored paper because you can draw what you want on it then.

I’m sure you have the skills to do other ones with instructions ! :smiley:


I’ve tried before, I’m miserable. I’m not very delicate with my hands and have a tendency to crumple the paper or make inaccurate folds. I guess that comes from my impatience.


Well, ok! ^^ I admit my patience has almost no limit.
But with training and time you can improve it. It depends on your experiences.


Punk fish in da place. :grin:


It so cool to see a punk fish. Is just so Awesome


That’s… whoaaaaao!!!


A teenage nemo! (Pun intended :stuck_out_tongue: ) Awesome! lol that’s incredible :grin:


Butterfly. :butterfly:


That’s awesome. How long does a ‘build’ of this size and complexity usually take you?