Origami and paper folding creations


It takes maybe 10/15hours. The longest part is to create all the modules (units). Then when you begin to build it, the beginning is a bit difficult because sometimes modules don’t stay connected without your hand holding them. But after the third line it becomes easier.


That’s dedication. My patience would last me 10-15 mins.


That’s why there are people selling units on the web. :yum:
You just have to build it then, and it takes maybe 30minutes to 1hour maximum, depends on the model you make.

But yes you need a bit of patience.


Awesome @Lilyope found your thread just now and it’s awesome what you can create with this paper- it looks great, Nemo and the butterfly are my favorites and the ones in the original post, great stuff :star_struck::star2: how are you doing btw? Saw you were here today but didn’t found a post- so I hope you feel ok?!!


Thank you @theearlywalker for your kind post, I’m fine! :kissing_heart:
Today I’ve just read and liked posts. I’m getting rest with a lazy sunday. :smiley: And you, how are you?


Same as you - lazy sunday :grinning: and a lil chors - happy you feel good, you still hold on your resolution?


Yes as much as I can because it’s difficult to go running outside when it’s raining. :joy:

I don’t know if you’re talking about it, but for my drinking issues i still hold myself back not buying wine bottles or beers. I didn’t resist to do it on friday but it was two weeks without alcohol so that is fine. :sunglasses:

A lil chors? What is it? Like a choir?


Thats what I meant - yeah, about the drinking and it’s good how you handle it, be proud on yourself :blush::sunny:️, and the jogging you will do when the weather is getting better - and yep- I was talking about choirs lol- again a spellingmistake- :joy:- I am so proud on you :blush::hugs:


Thank you for your support. We all are so grateful to have you here because you always bring positivity in your posts. And it’s comforting.

Oh that’s cool! How long is it since you begin choir? I’ve tried to learn singing but I’m not gifted. When I’m singing, it’s a complete disaster. :joy:


Awww - thanx, feels lovely - your words :blush:

And I did a spelling mistake again :joy::joy::joy: I don’t practice singing- just in the car and under the shower - more like chanting :blush: - I did the chores- now I looked it up- means cleaning the house, dish- washing and laundry - and was the whole afternoon here on forums- joy and duties combined my style… a perfect afternoom kinda- and sorry for the confusion :joy::joy: chores- choir-choice lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Dictionary says chores are … a routine task, especially a household one.


Oh ok :joy: no worries, my mistake. :yum:


The most difficult one I’ve done. So it’s not perfect.


That looks fast even though it isn’t moving, it also looks like a macaw ate a piranha. :joy: Good design, probably my fav so far.


That looks AWESOME :heart_eyes: theses thingies are looking soo tiny - and the colours are great shining :sunny:️ and finally I realized that your avatar pic is origami too
You are passionated on this paper folding sis, and you must be very patient… that’s absolutely amazing :tada:


I love it so much you did an amazing job :grinning::heart:


The chick.
Private joke:


I love it!


That’s so cuuuute :sweat_smile: lol Luna inspired you didn’t she? Haha
you’re a very talented chick :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awww that’s sooo sweet sister- I love it :blush:


Wow I’m only seeing this thread now. Awesome work! @Lilyope