Origami and paper folding creations


The goal:

The result:

A mix of a giraffe, a unicorn and a pig.
Everything is possible. :joy:


:joy::joy: I like the girunipig :joy:


Do you mean a guinea pig?


GIR affe
UNI corn

GIRUNIPIG :joy:- a new creature @Lilyope created


Pirraffacorn?! It’s cute hehe


*Insert it’s something meme
No seriously it’s still really nice


Maybe these two new words will be in the dictionary soon. :innocent:

Thank you :kissing_heart:

Goodnight Soldiers :heart:


Those are incredible @Lilyope, way too much for my patience. I could barely make a crane lol


Ehhh…je me vais (aller?) dormir, más pourrait vous tourner la page, s’il vous plait? Je voudrais lire un peu avant…:thinking: :joy: :sweat_smile: I tried :confused: :stuck_out_tongue: haha


@framos1792 I understand what you mean so it’s pretty good !
“Je vais dormir, mais pouvez vous tourner la page s’il vous plaît? Je voudrais lire un peu avant.” :kissing_heart:

D’accord, pour mon prochain marque page je tournerai la page ! / Allright, for my next bookmark i will turn over the page! / De accuerdo, para mi proximó marcapáginas yo voltearé la página! (I hope one of these three languages is yours because i don’t speak the others)


Ah mon dieu! Parlez-vous l’espanol? :sweat_smile: j’aime beaucoup le marque page :grin: Je ne savais pas comm’on dit ca hier haha

Spanish is my original language though my English is better in writing :confused: French I liked taking through high school but I mess up conjugations and my vocabulary is veeeery limited lol though I understood the book about 80%ish :grin: I got excited when I saw it lol


502 :sweat_smile: yours is way better looking but i remembered the pic lol


Just because @framos1792 wants to read the next page. :kissing_heart:

There is the tuto for those who want to try it too :slightly_smiling_face::


:joy: Merci! you’re so sweet :blush: it reminds me of a little mouse’s face :sweat_smile:


I got so confused trying to make this. Lol


Sometimes i watch several times one instruction just to understand it too!


Struggled, I have. :joy:


Well you did a decent job considering I knew it was Yoda almost immediately, before even reading the text.


Thank you !


Same here- Joda immidiately :heart_eyes: