Origami and paper folding creations


At first I thought it was a penguin, but the last 2 pics are forcing me to reassess my initial impulse. As now it looks like a nun for some reason. :joy: But then again, I’m knackered today.


:unamused: @IronSoldier16 you have my permission to absolutely destroy my computer with the bat!


It’s a penguin :joy: And I think i will name it Batpingu. :heart_eyes:

The Last Post Thread

I know, I was joking. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wuujuuu!!! Finally! But first your phone :wink:

Aww :blush: that’s adorable.

On Topic: how long it takes you end it?


Black batpinguuuu! Cuteeee! :heart_eyes:


15 minutes :blush:


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: a trusty sidekick to add to the batkittens hehe :grin: thank you :hugs:


Wooow! That’s pretty fast! If it was me I should take hours, or days :sweat_smile:


You can try if you want :yum: :


Dragon, I tried to do my best but it was difficult.


It’s awesome! :grin:


Thank you :hugs:


Ps: It’s not an edible rabbit. :grin:


Is this meant for me? :joy:


Yes :joy: I instantly thought of you and your hunger for animals.


Your origamis are amazing !


Thank you :blush:


Really they are amazing… You have Great talent, my daughter is looking at Your creations with big eyes, She adores too


I bought an e-book of origamis and got a bit disappointed because the models are not well explained. I tried to make a dog, its not as good as he has to be but i still decided to share it here:

And it’s made with two pieces of paper (an other disappointment to me :joy:)

The ebook i bought: