Origami and paper folding creations


Starwars Spaceship:


Niiiice!! :grin:


It didn’t stay up a long time :joy:


That’s awesome! It’s super close to the actual design


Thank’s there are lots of tutorial for it on youtube :blush:


I love the pink mice :mouse: :heart: Very great done @Lilyope :blush::hugs:


Thank you @theearlywalker :hugs::hugs::hugs:


:scream: they look awesome!!! I love the x wing :heart_eyes:


Trying very little origami for my bag. :blush:


How to tame your dragons? :slight_smile:


That’s the tuto for helping the dragon to born:

Then, you just have to read Eragon. All the clues are in the book. :joy:


Storm Trooper

Tuto used for it (30min video = 3 hours folding a paper in real life :joy:) :


Wow so cute dear- I really adore your patience :hugs::+1:t2::yellow_heart:wow