Original Mike Shinoda art or sketches?


I’m looking to find some original Mike Shinoda art, whether it be large or small sketches. Even something drawn on small media.
Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated. I’d like to have a piece in my collection some day. Thanks!

pls msg me directly with anything


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Try his website. I think a couple of his skate decks are still available.


thanks @evooba
What I’m looking for is something original, like this- http://lpcatalog.com/item/lpuauctions/lpu11-auction4/signed-painted-drumhead-by-mike-shinoda

quick sketch or doodle or something


Hmmm… then you should try eBay or something. You may find something there.


still looking guys…


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The best I have is this


great thanks. now I just need to see how I can get ahold of something like that!!


There was an LP fansite back in the day called Forfeit The Game that had a few items on it.


So, i was lucky enough to come across these :smile: after seeing the above video i just had to hunt some down