Other bands - From Ashes To New


Hey all, just putting in a plug for a newish up and coming band ‘From Ashes To New.’ If you like LP you’d probably like these doods too!
What other bands are you all into? LP is a big part of my playlist but some of my recent adds have been:
Like a storm
Stitched up heart
Bring me the horizon
Crown the empire
I prevail
Gemini syndrome



Hi!!! I hear a lot of bands but the main ones are LP and SOAD… theres also anothers ones, like the RHCP, Korn or rammstein :3 i guss those are the ones that i will be carriying on my playlist forever >:3 it´s always good to find new sounds 8P i guess n.n


Yep they’re some great clasics and also appear in my playlist, but unfortunately they got nothing new out… I been hunting around for some new rock/metal but unfortunately it seems to be going underground because its not played on the radio :frowning: they don’t even play Breaking Benjamin on my local rock station!


hi guys, there are a lot of same topics on the forum, c´mon and join the conversation instead of creating new topics…
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Like a storm are AWESOME. I found them about half a year ago.
@Davibro You should check out Blindspott and Blacklistt (same band different name, one is before they disbanded and one is after they got together again).

Both LAS and Blindspott/Blacklistt are from NZ.

Also. I’ve listened to Gemini syndrome before and they’re ok.

But for now let’s take this conversation to the threads that @The_early_walker linked…


Thanks mate, I cant access those other threats though… When I click the link it says “The page you request does not exist or is private.”

Anyways, I’ll check them out and have a listen.




sigh welcome to the forums lol. This happens all the time. Try hitting ctrl+f con the main forum page and search for ‘other bands you like’ or something along those lines.


My taste is varys a lot, LP,SOAD, Eminem, OFAM. Are a few of the modern ones but there’s also classics like guns n roses etc


OFAM? Do you mean OMAM?


No don’t you like of frogs and men.

Lots of songs about princess’s lol

Yeah that’s a type-o


Of Mice&Men, Bring Me The Horizon, Volbeat, System Of A Down, Paramore, Rise Againts and some more :slight_smile: