Other work by/ feat. Mike


I made this topic for all the other stuff that Mike does, that is not Post Traumatic.

He posted this on twitter and I know many of you are not on there. It’s featuring Mike:


Nice thread AJ. I remember when Mike posted a teaser of Like Riding A Bike and everyone was hyped and thought it’d be new LP :joy:

Edit: Damn these raps are insane. I had forgotten how good this song was!


Too much musical goodness from this man. Mixtapes, VMAs scores/beats from 2005, FM, solo stuff… ugh.


What’s funny, is that I just found this thread as I was watching this.


Anyone else loves the remix of Enjoy the silence more than the original?


2 hour special featuring Mike along with others about Mental Health


Anyone listens to the Raid soundtrack? What’s your favourite song on it? Mine is We Have Company especially 2 minutes onwards


New song, Waiting for Tomorrow by Martin Garrix feat. Mike


I love his vocals on this song!


Me too, though they’re so heavily produced


waiting for tomorrow is not bad at all i agree i like mikes voice in this song too sounds great


New BTS clip from the writing session with Martin Garrix