Our Birthdays/Anniversaries


You can add wishes for our LPU’ers :birthday:

Happy birthday fellow march babies and all the Pieces and Aries

So… Happy Birthday @NickGr :slight_smile:


Thank you :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Happy Birthday!!! :birthday::ribbon::gift: @NickGr


This thread is a good idea. Also happy b day (again) @NickGr .


Thanks to @silentstagepunk and to u Rob. I’ve never receivied so much warm and good words :blush:


Happy birthday @NickGr!


Happy happy birthday.:birthday::gift::ribbon::confetti_ball::mega::postal_horn::loudspeaker::musical_note::notes::musical_score::microphone::musical_keyboard::blush:.



Now, where is the party?


Thank you :blush: party has already passed, lol


Happy birthday @NickGr :grinning:


Thank you :blush:


Happy birthday to @cincybmxlpfreak! :hugs::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you! My actual birthday is on Monday, but I’m celebrating today. :smiley: Did you do anything awesome for your birthday? My band played a show. So much fun. :slight_smile:



Let’s celebrate it over this weekend. Then on Monday. Then again from Tuesday to next Saturday.



I like the endangered species one :stuck_out_tongue:


Too funny :stuck_out_tongue:



@cincybmxlpfreak Happy Early Birthdayyy :grin:


Haha! Those memes are great! Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! Today is my puppy’s birthday, too! He’s TWO!! Let’s hope this means the puppy stage is OFFICIALLY OVER!! :smiley: