Our Birthdays/Anniversaries


Happy cakeday @callmeanne


Horribly late to come back here :sob: forgive me…

Happy cake day to all I missed!
@alz89, my insomniac buddy :sweat_smile: and my secret cousin! :scream::joy: I hope you enjoyed your day and hope you stay here for the long haul so we can keep having random adventures :smile:
@amitrish, May I continue to mess up the use of pronouns with you! :joy::sweat_smile: jk

And happy birthdays to @callmeanne and @spelingmystake! (@spellingmistake :grimacing: I know that was bad :sweat_smile:) I think it’s showing late here, so I hope you had great days yesterday and continue them throughout the whole year :smiley::birthday::birthday::tada::tada::confetti_ball:


Happy happy birthday BRAD DELSON!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart: :tada: :tada: :birthday: :heart_eyes:


Belated happy birthday @callmeanne and @spellingmistake :birthday:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY the one and only Brad Delson :tada:



Lots of love for Bradford today, happy birthday!! :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday to my favourite guitarist Brad Delson!


You just reduced your lifespan by 5 years. Also, thanks!

You just reduced your lifespan by 5 more years.

Happy birthday Brad!


Happy Birthday Brad!!!


happy birthday Brad Delson !


Happy Birthday Brad :birthday::tada:


Thank you all for those cakeday (and again for birthday) ! One year here, feel like if it was yesterday. So many good things happened in my life thanks to this forum, and I’ll never thank enough all the people here for that.
Main source of happiness in bad times is here… I don’t write a lot but I read and I’m always so happy to read about you guys. :sunflower:
That’s just one year, but that means a lot in my twenty-year-old life, now.
Thank you, family from the LP side of my heart. :two_hearts:
And happy birthday to Brad !!! :partying_face::partying_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Happy cakeday @callmeanne! :partying_face:
How come everyone wished you before andbit is showing me the same today? Anyway, eat cake and enjoy.


Happy belated birthday dear Brad - hope you had an amazing day :heart: And ofc happy belated bday @callmeanne


Happy cakeday @marcusarelius ! :tada: :sun_with_face:


Happy cakeday @marcusarelius :slight_smile:


Happy cakeday @marcusarelius


Happy cakeday @marcusarelius! :grin::cake::tada:


Happy cakeday @marcusarelius :cake::tada:


Happy belated birthday and cakeday to everyone I missed! :birthday::cake::gift::tada::confetti_ball:


Only just seen this as just catching up!! Thanks @framos1792 the random adventures will continue and so will the insomnia!!! :smiley: :rofl: