Our Birthdays/Anniversaries


Happy birthday @mish3lka


Happy cakeday @StephLP18! :grin::cake::confetti_ball::tada:

Happy birthday @mish3lka and @butintheend! :birthday::confetti_ball::tada::grin:


Thank you all


Happy cakeday @StephLP18 - :tada::tada: for the second time :joy: - you deserve it twice my dear :cake::sunny::dancer::yellow_heart::hugs:

Happy birthday :birthday::balloon::confetti_ball: @mish3lka, best baby-soldier mommy ever- enjoy your day :hugs::blush:- let them celebrate you. :gift_heart: The last year was a very special one for you, becoming mom is a complete change of priorities and from what I see, Laura is a real sunshine :sunny: I wish you a great day :hugs::yellow_heart:

Happy birthday :tada: :birthday: @butintheend - have a great day :confetti_ball::dancer:


Happy cake day @StephLP18 and happy birthday @mish3lka :slight_smile:


Happy cakeday @StephLP18 and Happy birthday @mish3lka and @butintheend :cake:
Have a wonderful day :slightly_smiling_face:


Happy birthday @mish3lka and @butintheend!


Happy cakeday @StephLP18! Glad you joined! and Happy birthday @mish3lka and @butintheend! Have a great day!


Thank you guys, you are so sweet all of you :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::blush::kissing_heart:


Happy birthday, (sorry if it’s late) :heart::heart::heart::tada::tada:


Happy Cakeday @StephLP18 !!! :cake:

And happy belated birthday to @butintheend and @mish3lka :heart::tada: :slight_smile:


Happy belated cake day @StephLP18

Happy belated birthday @mish3lka and @butintheend I hope you had a great day :slight_smile:


What ya doing? Hoping around on the forums and making posts.

:expressionless: stop it


Off topic:

2 weeks of inactivity :upside_down_face: however, don’t worry I just checked out the game area. I’m off.


SILENCE! (pokes @IronSoldier16 in the neck with a poisonous toothpick)


Happy birthday @mish3lka have a great day on your special day. :birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::tada::tada::tada::confetti_ball::confetti_ball:


Happy birthday @Honey8!:tada::confetti_ball::notes::birthday::gift::balloon::heart::hugs: Hope you have an awesome day and enjoy your day​:heart::hugs:


Happy birthday @mish3lka​:birthday::balloon::gift::notes::confetti_ball: Enjoy your day :heart::hugs:


Happy old day @Honey8 nut cheerio


It’s not @Honey8’s birthday is it?