Our Birthdays/Anniversaries


Happy Birthday @melisLP ! All the best for you :tada::tada::tada::tada:

And happy cakeday to you @anngelenee ! We are glad that you have joined and that we can support you during this hard Times! That is what the forum is about


Happy Birthday @melisLP ! And happy cakeday @anngelenee !


Happy cake day @anngelenee and happy birthday @melisLP :slight_smile:


Happy birthday @melisLP!!


Happy :cake: day @anngelenee :hugs::hugs::muscle:t2: And happy birthday :birthday::balloon::tada: @melisLP


Happy birthday @melisLP enjoy your day :birthday::icecream::icecream::gift::gift:


Happy Birthday @melisLP And happy cakeday @anngelenee !


Happy birthday @melisLP!! I hope you are spending a good time! :grin::birthday::tada::confetti_ball:

Happy cakeday @anngelenee! Itโ€™s good to have you here! :grin::cake::confetti_ball::tada:


Happy birthday to @melisLP and happy cake day to @anngelenee


Happy birthday @melisLP!!! :smiley::tada::tada::gift:

Super happy to have you here :hugs:
I totally let NE beat LA just because it was your birthday today! :anguished::cry::exploding_head: haha jk
I hope you have been having a great day and have an awesome evening no matter what you do! :tada:

And happy cake day to the very funny and to the person who should share all her food with us, @anngelenee :grin::stuck_out_tongue:

Also happy cake day and happy birthday to all I have missed recently :grimacing:


Thank you so much everyone for the birthday wishes.:star_struck::heart_eyes: I had a great day with family and watching the Patriots crush the Chargers. Thanks for letting them win @framos1792 :yum:! Happy to be here too with you all. :hugs:

Happy cakeday @anngelenee! I hope everything is as ok as possible. :muscle:


Happy cakeday @anngelenee! :cake:
Happy birthday @melislp! :birthday:



Thank you everyone! :heart:


Mine is February 7th.


Happy belated cakeday @NickGr. @jabinquaken @coon @yomarques @anngelenee :tada::confetti_ball::sparkles::cake::cake::cake::cake: :cake:

Itโ€™s okieee! :hugs::heart: Youโ€™ve got all our good wishes and mega hugs with you! :two_hearts: Just donโ€™t stress muchโ€ฆ let everything be in a flow! :blush:

You can add the date in your profile settings! Then a cake will show up on your birthday in your profile :cake::blush::blush:

( You seem new here! Welcome! :two_hearts::hugs::confetti_ball::tada::tada: Hope you have a great time with people here! Follow the rules and spread love around!)


Happy belated birthday @Mel_4 @Well_We_Do @lpfan61 's mum @underground_person @ashesoftime @melisLP @ivanar5845 :hugs::confetti_ball::birthday::birthday::gift::gift::tada::confetti_ball::sparkles:

Had to make other post cause of tag limit :expressionless:


thank so much i appreciate very much,yes day have just 24 hoursโ€‹:muscle::+1::facepunch:


Happy cakeday @zenataylor !! :cake: :tada: :tada: :hugs: :sun_with_face:

Happy birthday @adrianne62 ! :tada: :tada: :birthday:


Happy cakeday @zenataylor :slight_smile:

Happy birthday @adrianne62 :slight_smile:


Happy cakeday @zenataylor :cake::tada:

Happy birthday @adrianne62 :birthday::tada: