Our Birthdays/Anniversaries


Happy cakeday @achilleas7! :blush::tada::cake:


Happy birthday @achilleas7! :pie:


No birthday, it’s cakeday… :upside_down_face: It means the anniversary of when you joined the LPU or just created a forum account… :blush:


Ohhh so this is a cakeday, so cool! :heart_eyes: Thanks for explanation :sweat_smile:


No prob! :blush: :hugs: :hugs:


As I’ve been saying (here)
A slice of a pie cannot give praise to the pie. Pies never make themselves!
There’s always a grande Chef with a recipe, ingredients, the right mixture and most importantly,
the right amount of temperature and for the right amount of time.

That being said, and as i just finished my latest video
your warm hugs make me obligated to share a slice with all!
and mostly with

@lpfan61, @Marilau , @Lilyope , @framos1792 @chigokurosaki , @melisLP
, @adrianne62 , @the_termin8r
but it’s a big pie for all

Thank you LPU
i am one of U!

@chigokurosaki make sure you take the 2018 playlist from start.
you will understand more than everyone else! Shinigami stuff!
the rest should skip the first three long ones and return later.

This is of 2019 playlist.
“fresh out the kitchen”
cake day :wink:
from the 7th member of LP :stuck_out_tongue:



Nice words! :smile:

Thank you! :blush: very nice of you! :hugs: :hugs:


make sure you eat a big slice my dear!
my vids always reward those observing and not judging themselves out early :wink:
i trust LP fans because that’s what made me…
my two brothers!
one down here and one up there now!
i bet he wants me to share the cake he shaped, with you

'dis for you dear @lpfan61 !


Wish you all the best the world can give :heart: a warm hug!



Awwww! You’re so sweet! :blush: :hugs:




I’m sorry, but I didn’t understand this, lol.


Happy cakeday @achilleas7


Happy birthday @achilleas7 :fireworks::sparkler::tada::confetti_ball:


Don’t worry I thought cakeday was the same of birthday too :sweat_smile:


ups :joy: my mistake!!! :smiley:

Happy cakeday @achilleas7


the LPU surpasses even the birthday wishes one receives!
i stand in awe!
thank you all :sweat_smile:

@chigokurosaki playlist is here
three first videos are long ones but LP fans and mostly bleach fans should have no problem go through.
this is done for those watching and not for the rider. There are obstacles down the path…

it will all make sense as you proceed (14 videos in that playlist)
consider them pieces of the party pie :partying_face:


:heart:Happy 1st bday PT EP :heavy_heart_exclamation::tada:


Happy anniversary :heart: :heart: :heart: Remember this day like yesterday :birthday::heartpulse:

I don’t wanna know the end all I want is a place to start :heart:

Sometimes, sometimes you don’t say goodbye once, you say goodbye over and over and over again :notes:

They’re watching as I fall, staring as I go, I gave until my soul hurt and never told them so :eye:


Can’t believe that it’s a year already.