Our Birthdays/Anniversaries


Happy cakeday to @IronSoldier16 @raz7 @jrtrussell :smile::smile:


Happy cakeday ! @IronSoldier16 @raz7 @jrtrussell


That is what I meant. But I was posting this at half 1 in the morning yesterday:joy::joy::+1::+1:


Happy cakeday @jrtrussell @IronSoldier16 @raz7!!! :pie:


Happy cakeday :cake: my dear brother, sending strength and I hope you forgive me that I’m late? Also happy cakeday @raz7 @jtrussel @DavidZinssler :tada: happy you guys are here :blush::sunny::yellow_heart:


Happy birthday @agusdbianco :birthday:

Happy cakeday @DavidZinssler @IronSoldier16 @jrtrussell @raz7 :cake:


Jajajaja I know how you feel, I’ve done that before too :hugs:

There is nothing to forgive :slight_smile: thanks dear sister :hugs: you are always a sun in my life :slight_smile:

Can I have an unicorn instead the cake? Jaja JK thanks my friend!


Happy cakeday @IronSoldier16 :hugs: @jrtrussell and @raz7! :grin::cake::confetti_ball::tada:


Happy cakeday @IronSoldier16 !!:sparkler::birthday::partying_face:


Happy cakeday @the3rdtausk ! :tada: :tada: :notes: :notes: :cake: :sun_with_face:


Happy cakeday @the3rdtausk :slight_smile:


Thank you! Although my Birthday is in August. o-o


Cakeday is your join anniversary.


Happy cakeday @the3rdtausk :cake::tada:


My birthday is in August!! :+1::+1::+1::metal::metal::metal:


Happy cakeday @the3rdtausk !!:sparkler::birthday::tada:


@the3rdtausk happy cake day :slight_smile: keep working hard :wink:


Happy cake day @the3rdtausk


Trust me, there is a bit of unicorn in the cake.



@the3rdtausk happy cakeday :cake: and how is the new project going? Keep us updated :+1:t2: