Our Birthdays/Anniversaries


Happy cakeday @the3rdtausk! :blush::cake::tada::confetti_ball:


Have a very good cake day @the3rdtausk


Happy cakeday @the3rdtausk :blush:


It’s going well so far! And thank you!. I’m trying to figure out where to post updates without seeming like an attention hoe. Haha.

ps: it’s my LPU Anniversary not my birthday!


But don’t you have your personal thread already @the3rdtausk?? :thinking:


I do, yeah. I’m weird. I hate feeling like I’m begging for attention.


Perhaps make a website?


Currently working on that! It’s coming along! I also have my Youtube channel, and Instagram dedicated to my musical adventures. :slight_smile:


We love your sound- we’re proud to get your stuff to hear as one of the first peeps- I really appreciate :+1:t2::heart_eyes:


Your wish is my command, friends! Update added to my thread. :heart:


Happy cake day @the3rdtausk !


Jajaja that explains everything :rofl: thanks for the gift :slight_smile:


Belated Happy Cakeday @the3rdtausk :cake:


Happy birthday @chriswaleslpu ! :tada: :tada: :birthday: :smile:


Happy birthday @chriswaleslpu :birthday::tada:


Thank You!!! :smiley:


Happy birthday @chriswaleslpu :grinning: :birthday:


Happy birthday @chriswaleslpu :birthday:


Happy Birthday @chriswaleslpu!


Happy birthday @chriswaleslpu :cake: