Our Birthdays/Anniversaries



Happy birthday @the_termin8r :birthday::tada:


Happy birthday @the_termin8r enjoy your day and roll on Sunday!! :grin::gift::birthday:


Happy Birthday @the_termin8r! :slightly_smiling_face::tada::balloon::birthday:


Happy birthday @the_termin8r! :grin::birthday::tada::confetti_ball:


Happy Birthday @the_termin8r !!!


Happy Birthday @the_termin8r :smile: hope you have a wonderful day :heart:


Hey yo @the_termin8r :)) - happy birthday :bdaycake: : tada: :airballoon: have a great day : tada: - you are the best bot I’ve ever met and after a long and hard work we did on you :joy : : joy: YOU BECAME MORE AND MORE HUMAN :rofl :


Happy birthday @the_termin8r! :birthday:


Happy happy birthday Rob @the_termin8r :balloon:


Happy happy birthday @the_termin8r!! Have a great day!!


Happy Birthday to the awesome @the_termin8r! Thanks for always bringing perspective to things and being awesome! I hope you have a wonderful day today filled with happiness, cold weather, lego and everything else you could wish for. Try to enjoy yourself today


Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:


Happy birthday @the_termin8r!!! Have a great one :smiley: :grin::birthday::birthday::partying_face:


Happy birthday @the_termin8r!


Happy birthday @the_termin8r!!


@the_termin8r have a great birthday i hope that you enjoy your self.


happy birthday to google’s best friend enjoy your day BRO=ROB @the_termin8r


Happy birthday, @the_termin8r!


Happy birthday :birthday: @the_termin8r


Thanks again. Most of the day was pretty miserable as Thursdays usually are for me. Except for the one hour after uni where I walked straight into my friends’ trap. We went to some American restaurant for food where all seemed normal for the most part. Until the point where one of the waiters came over with a slice of cake to sing happy birthday. Apparently they had set it up because they knew I’d feel like a spanner. :joy: I’m thankful that the guy didn’t go the whole 9 yards with the dim lights and loud music as well.