Our Birthdays/Anniversaries


Thank you @framos1792 :blush:

And happy cake day Rob @the_termin8r and @acemasters! :cake::tada::blush: you guys really make the difference in this community :slight_smile:


@the_termin8r @acemasters Happy cake day guys! :slight_smile:


@the_termin8r and @acemasters happy cake day!:cake::slightly_smiling_face:


:balloon:Haaaaaappy :cake: day Rob, you are one of the most reliable and supportive persons that I ever met inhere- you became a real life friend :star_struck: and I really appreciate your calming rationality when I run wild :blush: plus your great music recommendations introduced me to so much great bands that I like to say thank you today- because I never did before! @the_termin8r

I’m happy we met here and that’s to celebrate :tada: today :balloon::confetti_ball: - I know you don’t do hugs - but you know that I don’t care about this - that’s what friends are for :joy: so a biiig bonecrusher today for you :hugs: - watch ur ribs :joy::joy::joy:

Happy belated :cake: day @GioS :sun_behind_small_cloud: sorry I’m late dear - :heart:️ stay so warm hearted as you are dear Sis :hugs:

And last but not least :balloon:HAAAAAPPY CAKEDAY :confetti_ball: to our incredible blessed with talent boss of the band and the bots @acemasters, :birthday: happy you are back here soon after your holidays - because I already miss you :grinning:


Thank you to all of you who wished my mum happy birthday! Love you all.

OT: happy birthday (orCakeday) to @the_termin8r and @acemasters.


Happy cake day to @the_termin8r and @acemasters !!


Thanks again guys, also in advance for anyone else. :slight_smile:


Happy cake day @the_termin8r and @acemasters !!! :cake::cake::cake:


Happy :cake: day, @the_termin8r and @acemasters!!!


Happy cake day @acemasters and @the_termin8r! :tada::confetti_ball::cake::smile:


Happy birthday and cakedays to all whom I’ve missed. Hope you enjoyed it :heart::v::v::birthday::cake::cake::birthday:


… And also happy left-handers day to all leftys here :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Just @NickGr and I from what I know. :joy:


Me too :raising_hand_woman:


Happy Cake Day @the_termin8r and @acemasters :cake:


@acemasters and @the_termin8r
Happy cake day bros!


Lol yeah lefty power ! (Tires to do the high five but misses sides. Again.)
Btw happy cake day to you and @acemasters


Happy cake day to two of the most awesome members :grin: :tada::cake::tada:
@acemasters you keep us all active here with the BOT series’ and inspire with your lyrics

and @the_termin8r well… you can be an unempathetic pain in the derrière of a bro :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But that’s just part of the charm :joy: Haha just messing-you know you’re one of my favorite bros here :+1:


Happy birthday @georkost !!! :tada: :tada: :birthday: :hugs: :sun_with_face: :sparkler:
How are youuuu?? We miss you here! :hugs:


Happy birthday @georkost :birthday: :tada: have a great day!