Our final LPU 11 Flag to get signed to give to linkin park at summit


So I got the flag today, think it came out pretty well with the time I had to get it done, great area on the right black part we can sign with mettallic silver permanent marker and give to LP at the summit meet and greet as a gift. Its 3ft by 5ft so its pretty large, I think it will make a cool and unique gift. Thanks to everyone that donated and helped design and get this together. Hope everyone likes it.


Awesome! i will def have to sign when i see it in person!


this looks amazing!!!


wow!! it’s really cool, can’t wait to sign it :smiley:


Looks great! Can’t wait to sign itt! :smiley:


Sucks I dont even see the picture of the flag now on this page, it was there yesterday lol, maybe its the govenment browser, can everyone else actually see the flag I posted on this page??? LOL


I can see it perfectly fine lol


awesome great job :slight_smile: i had presented a banner similarly in London summit :slight_smile: make sure all sign it and then hand over to the band :slight_smile:


Yeah I can see it at home but not at work, must be blocked. OK SO I TRIED AS HARD AS POSSIBLE TO get a black backing for the flag but it was a no go, no one could do anything that quick or get anything to bond to that material, I might still try tomorrow before I go, they said get black fabric and have it at a tailor place sew it on. But either way it looks really cool just a little too see through for me, but on a wall or against anything, or not in direct light, looks great. Will be awesome to get everyone to sign it and give it to the band and still looks really good.


It looks awesome…I don’t know how I should sign it…Should I do my real name? My LPU name? Or Both? How is everyone going to sign?


Came out incredibly awesome, can’t wait to sign it.


Looks awesome! Have a great time, guys!!


Yeah im going to do my real name and a small comment probably, we have a good amount of room on the right in black, I think randy or someone is bringing the good metallic silver permanent markers, will sign and look good with it for sure.


Looks great!


Great job!! Thanks for starting a new thread. Other one was a tad bit long so I’m thrilled to see how it came out before arriving tomorrow.

Look forward to meeting Trinity and everyone else at The Summit! As previously noted, I’ll have cash to contribute for the donation.

I’ve got a four hour drive ahead of me, and just leaving work now to go pack. Woo-hoo!! So excited for the pre-concert in my vehicle!! Now let’s hope the uber long work week (til 2am and 4am all this week) doesn’t cause me to crash and burn. Once I get “home” I’ll have a two hour drive in the morning to Camden, unless there’s an act of God and there’s no NJ rush hour traffic.

If you see somebody sleeping at The Summit tomorrow, or face down in a plate of fodd at Hard Rock, you’ll know it’s me. You have my permission to wake me up! LOL…




Photo Credits to Mike (Trinity)