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Please post photos and comments about your pets! :slight_smile:

Only posts with photos are allowed!

I’ll go first right away :slight_smile:

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His name is Falko (after the flying dog from the Neverending story). This is him, when he was little (like 3 months). We found him on the street in 2010, someone threw him out and we took him:

A bit older Falko, patiently bathing:

Programming with me (even while sleeping and loudly snoring):


Then he grew up and became Dug from Up:

I mean, compare these two:

And he has a very similar, friendly personality!!!

And this is his favourite pose (lol):

Apart from being my absolutely favourite dog :dog2::heart:, an awesome friend who never lets you down and loves you endlesssly, an excellent learner, a dog which never bites and never growls and a good, water-loving aporter, he is also a protector from bugs :ant::spider: (which I fear very much)!!! And, he sometimes watches the sun going out from behind the clouds :cloud::sun_behind_large_cloud::partly_sunny::sun_behind_small_cloud::sunny: :slight_smile:

Oh, I miss him so much!!! :broken_heart: :broken_heart: :broken_heart:

More about Falko here lol

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This is Luna. She is crazy lol

I Don’t see her often but when I do she sleeps with me

This is my favourite lol


There name Molly and misty they are to funny Molly is a short hair and misty is a Russian blue


This is my son :joy::joy: my little puuuurfect demon. His name is Furia… but I call him Fury… he is 6 years old!


This is my cat called Callie. 12 years old, had her for over 10 years. Used to have a sister called Candy but unfortunately died in 2006.

Callie is now enjoying “family time” as we say it, enjoying her company.


We call her Callie but her real name is “calico” meaning black and white


What a cutie pie cat


Pie cat?
All I thought then was Homer Simpson as “Pie Man”


You all have so cute animals! :heart_eyes:


Agreed! This topic make you melt of cuteness and love… :heart_eyes: :blush:




So - Ducati decided that what would be really freaking helpful - would be to sleep in the middle of my xmas wrapping paper area…
She’s my favourite fluffy asshole cat - I love her to bits - she only loves me for the food.


@NickGr !!! :joy:

@neeksnz they say that dogs have owners and cats have servants :joy:


Ehm… what part of “post only photos of cute pets” you didn’t understand, Nick? :slight_smile:


I find it cute. Tapeworms are cute ! :3


You are a sick sick soldier… :joy: - tapeworms are cute??? :rofl:


My cat knows that me and my parents are slaves (according to her)


what “cute pets” does it even mean? you might thin my pet is horrible but i think its cute


Ok, let’s not get all philosophical here :slight_smile: My topic, my rules :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: