Our Pets <only post cute pets with photos!>


I am so so sorry to hear this. Losing a pet is just awful sending you all the strength.


Dear @raz7 that is absolutely awful - and unfair and I send you the biggest bonecrusher hug ever dear, let us dry your tears, :heart::pray:t2: Father? It’s more than one can take at a time, please shelter our sister raz7 from further harm and send her strengh - power and love - we all feel with you and hold your back :hugs:


Oh ange!! Sending big hugs to you! :hugs::hugs::hugs::heart: Stay strong! All will be fine soon. :heart::sparkling_heart:


I’m so sorry dear @raz7, sending big hugs your way :hugs::heart::pray:


I’m sorry @raz7. Sending you hugs and strenght. :hugs::muscle: Don’t forget to take care of yourself. :pray::heart:


I’m so sorry. hugs


Heyu! How are all lil pet soldiers doin! :smiley::smiley:
Mine one is just good … Had done dinner hehe :turtle::blush:


I’m doing fine. Just deciding if to get a new cat or not.


Yeah!get a new one! :heart_eyes: :smile:


Not to tell you what to do, but I would definitely think it over carefully before you get another animal. It may help you to feel better, but it may also cause more heartache if something happens. And again, im sorry for the loss of your car Callie, I can only imagine how much she meant to you. A lot of the time pets can be just as important in the family as people, sometimes even more so, and I am just trying to look out for you is all. Hope you are strong and happy with whatever decision you make.


Still thinking about it now. Ever since we lost Callie, we have seemed to be more depressed. That was how much she was a part of our lives. And she knew it as well. :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


big hugs dear @raz7, and I agree with Charles, on the other hand: why not? if it is a young kitten and a healthy one, what should happen? and you have already had enough bad luck, so… if you ask me… go ahead :tada: just be aware that there is no guarantee … for nothing …


Yeah, if you are used to having pets around, not having them can be unbearable and make you feel loss more. They bring a sense of happiness I think! And each with their own personality contribute something great to our lives


Shame to all the guys who posted Pictures of their pets here!!!

  1. Did you even asked your pets if they want to have their Pictures Floating around the Internet? I bet NO!

  2. Nobody censured the faces, so now everybody out there can recognize them easily.

  3. #animalrights #hiding cutepetsfaces #areyouserious? #no #betsomeofyouthoughtimeanit



@raz7 how are you? You made a decision?


I’m all right. I haven’t got a cat though yet. And I was glad we didn’t. Yesterday, two young blackbirds, a few months old fell from their best and we helped them to get back to their parents and we agreed that we wouldn’t have been able to do it wth our cats.

It’s still a possibility though.


Awwww, yeah, I read that somewhere in another thread, so great you saved them, Chaz would be proud. Good to hear you‘re well, get a big hug :hugs:- and who knows what will happen, stay strong :muscle:t2:


Oooh :fearful: i never thought about that! My lil :turtle:… asleep rn

C’mon! :laughing::joy:That was soo good one @zinler

Good @raz7 stay strong! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


@raz7 It’s late but sorry for your loss… you can give another cat the chance to live a new life and feel very happy with a new family… there are too many animals waiting you to give them a new home!


These are my budgies (Oskar and Karlička)…

… and dog (Reno) :heart: